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: Wax Experts help me the Freak OUT!

11-21-2001, 02:32 AM
Hey guys, my paint looks like crap, I think I am doing something wrong here, tell me what it is..
I wash my car with a mit (wool) and I dont use the same mit on my tires and wheels, also, I dry my car with a chamoi, but I dont really clean the shami, why do I have so many freaking swirl marks and why does my paint not shine ?
I have been using Maguires glossy formula wax, but i dont prep the car or nothing like that, I want to get serious about making my cars paint super shiny and clean, but I need help here.
I have lots of swirl marks now and they keep accumulating, help me !

If anyone lives in Orange county, I am willing to drive to your hosue if you would be kind enough to show me how to get my new car look on my paint back, also, Can anyone reccomend what kind of Zaino products I need, like a starter kit or something ?
That stuff shows good results, and I want to buy it, please help me out..


P.s. I use dawn hand soap and water to wash. Zaino experts help me out!

11-21-2001, 02:52 AM
i'm no expert. do a search for posts from a guy homer2 on here, he certainly knows his shit, as far as zaino, just get some basic products. Z1 the polish lock, Z2 polish for clear coat, and in ur case Z5 for swirl marks. after that get products to suit ur needs. but like i said ask around for that homer guy, i'm sure he could give you suggestions to fix you right up

11-21-2001, 03:01 AM
Where are you man ?????????//

your car looks super clean man, and we have the same color too. dont you hate maintaining the black ? I love the color, but the maintenance is hell, clean one day, next its dirty!

Anyway, so how do i go about Zainoing my car ?
Do i just get the polish lock, the polish, and the swirl remover ?
Which one goes first ? Do i need a clay bar or anything like that ?
What kind of towels are best to use ?
How do I keep this car clean, help I am desperate!
Do you live in so cal ?

11-21-2001, 03:21 AM
sorry man, i'm out of texas. actually i find upkeep of my exterrior not too bad, a dust 2x daily, a weekly wash fresh coat of zaino. it usualy goes dawn wash, Z1, then if swirly Z5, for added depth and shine Z2, then wipe off. dunno about the clay bar, i dont have it, never used one. as far as towels 100% cotten, on the zaino page, they suggest certain brands, just make sure its all cotton. you might wana try a duster for daily maintenance. i dunno if i helped but i hope i did

11-21-2001, 09:08 AM
Abel - you sound bad off man ! :D

Geez - where to start.

OK - chamois are not great - no room for dirt particles to go if they land on the car while you are drying . .

Towels - made by Cannon / FieldCrest - go with either Royal Velvet or Charisma. Buy them at good bed and Bath stores - not the cheap discount ones . .they make different grades.

Duster is a great suggestion.

zaino stuff I can help you out with. Other companies make some good products too - and there are drawbacks with everybodies system (if you look hard enough you might even find one with Zaino) ;)

Zaino isnt cheap - but it also isnt the most expensive out there.
Lots of product info, and U.S. pricing can be found at www.zainobros.com

There is also a group of distributors around the States, I know of one in L.A. , and his ste is www.lazaino.com

There is a new Zaino product about to be released called ZFX - and it is simply spectacular based on all testing results. It increases the shine and allows for mulitple coats in repitition - about 30 - 60 minutes wait time. It is an additive you mix with your choice of top coat. The top coat is either Z2 Hi-Shine or Z5 swirl reducer and shine.

Black cars really should have both Z2 and Z5 to alternate.
Z5 is not a swirl remover - it is an optical illusion - there are NO abrasives in any of the Zaino products except for the glass polish. Nothing in a Zaino polish bottle will "remove" scratches. They hide them - and very well actually.

I dont want to clog the board with the info - so here is what I'll do for you.

I am in Canada - send me an airline ticket and ill buy my meals. We can spend the weekend doing the car. OH, and Ill supply the first coat and an extra set of hands . . .

Seriously - I have written a 6 page instruction sheet for people who want to get serious. It covers everything from more in-depth towel info, as well as washing, drying - and applying the basics.

Only with your permission - I will email you a bunch of "word" documents to read over. I wont do it unless you either contact me via email - or post you email addy in a reply to this - there will be no spamming by me!

if you want - click on my pic link - that car is two years old - over 40,000 miles and two canadian winters daily driven. it works!



11-21-2001, 11:56 AM
To avoid swirl marks, you should... no... you MUST prep the surface of the car.

Don't make a habit of washing with Dawn, that's just used when you want to rewax (it removes the old wax). For normal washings use a proper car wash (Zaino, Meguiars, Zymol, whatever).

If you switch to Zaino, don't use Dawn, since Zaino is a polish, not a wax, and it isn't removed.
Don't use a chamois to dry your car, they may be great at getting water, but they don't pull dirt away from the surface. Like Homer2 says, use nice thick name-brand bath towels. And wash them regularly (no fabric softener). I'm thinking about buying a water blade to speed up the drying process.

To prep is once it's dry, use a surface prep agent like Zaino Z-1 or Meguiar's Deep Crystal Cleaner. If it's really bad, use a claybar first to get rid of tar and paint overspray etc. After that, you polish and, depending on the system, wax.
Use cotton terrycloth applicators to apply everything, and use a different terrycloth when you are wiping up the excess.

Whether you choose the polymer polish system with Zaino, or carnauba wax with Meguiar's, you'll still be able to get a swirl free, high gloss shine.

11-21-2001, 11:58 AM
Go ahead and send me that book you wrote on waxing, and thank you for your help.

I dont care about price, as long as Zaino does to my car what it says it will.


11-21-2001, 02:15 PM
I would have helped you if i still live off of chapman and valley view by east gate park but im in alaska now.

Try using the California Water Blade to dry your car.... it works good....

11-21-2001, 03:38 PM
Abel - sorry. I cant figure out how to atach things to the forum email window that pops up.

either send me a mail with you addy - to dennis@mossmans.com

or post it here so i can use it.


Oh, and Frosty - great info as well. Im not up to speed on the Meguiars line, so dont feel comfortable on which products to lean non-zaino people to. I know there are a lot of happy users as well. thanks. :)