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Need help with Alignment/Steering or Suspension issue

Hi everyone, need your help to diagnose my wandering steering issue. I've read a ton of threads on this so i know it can be various things, so i wanted to lay out my setup and everything that i've done to see if you all can point me in the direction of what to do next.

2002 Base Auto 160K miles (mostly stock)

12/28/16: installed New A-spec Suspension (BNIB from Curry Acura)
12/28/16: installed 2 brand new 205/55/16 Hankook V12 Evo2 on front
12/28/16: Rebalanced rear wheels/tires that had 2 yr old V12 Evo2 with about 50% life.
12/28/16: Alignment at Just Tires

01/09/17: installed New Moog tie rod ends
01/09/17: Alignment at Just Tires
12/28/16-01/09/17: Tires are set to factory recommended pressures.

Issue: Ever since 12/28/16 i have had a shimmy or wandering steering. I feel it as early as 30mph up to 70+ mph and it's more pronounced on grooved cement highways, but still existent on blacktop highways and roads too. It is not drastic wandering, but i can feel my head bob left to right and i constantly have to make small steering corrections left to right to counteract this behavior. Behavior exists ever since 12/28/16 to now 1/10/17 (through 2 alignments).

Searching says it could be:
-bad alignment (2 alignments)
-tie rod ends (replaced with Moog)
-lower ball joint (checked and "seems" fine)
-steering rack and/or bushings
-unbalanced tires (tires are balanced and i don't have shaky steering)
-uneven tire pressures (pressures are good)

The alignment shop suggested that it could be my out of spec camber (out of spec on front left and rear right). A few friends have come to this conclusion also. I realize the camber is out of spec, but it's not a huge amount of camber at all. Could camber really be the cause? Alignment sheet posted below.

I just want to get a better idea from RSX experts before i keep throwing money at parts. I have just purchased the front and rear SPC camber kit...i don't track or drive too crazy with this car so i hope the SPC front camber bolt will not move on me. Having that said, if camber doesn't fix it then it could be the other things mentioned but i'd rather not just guess and buy parts.

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