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Help! PO325 Curcuit Manfunction

hey guys, basically i found that my knock sensor was unplugged so i fixed that problem but every time i hit vtec the car seems to lag in power from 6k-65 but then starts to pick up when i hit 7k. anyone know what the problem is? i also disconnected my battery..HELP! PLS!
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are you asking for help on P0325, or help on how to make make power from 6-6.5k rpms?
for the first, just look up
for the second, you're gonna have to figure out which cam angle makes you the most power in that particular rpm range. i'm somewhat in the same boat, i have great 2k-4k, and 7k-8.5k, my mid range isnt what i would like to be. i sitll have some room to advance a little more (already 10 degrees over the base kal i used), but i gotta dyno to get the cam angles i want. i could use raz's thing, i actually have it downloaded and everything, i just havent done it yet.
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curcuit, manfunction, po325

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