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  1. DIY blackout headlights Guide.
  2. DIY Ground wire installation guide.
  3. DIY Painted Calipers
  4. Requesting DIY Spoiler Installation
  5. DIY Brake Pad Replacement **NOT For 56K**
  6. Interior neons
  7. DIY brake ducts?
  8. My DIY Red Emblem
  9. Spray Painted Rims
  10. DIY Remote garage door opener
  11. Hondata intake manifold gasket install
  12. VIDEO Libray: Basic Guides to help you
  13. Ingalls Camber Kit Install
  14. requestiong DIY dc sports race header
  15. Looking for some tail light help
  16. blackout tail lights
  17. Removing The Center Console
  18. Request: DIY oil filter relocation
  19. Taking full carpet out
  20. Type R Wing Need Help!
  21. DIY Blackout Headlights Guide *STICKY*
  22. Anybody cut their shifter?
  23. Booty horn?
  24. How to remove calipers
  25. Installing a Grille Tech grille?
  26. soldering??
  27. DIY Weapon R Ignition Equalizer Kit review.
  28. OEM FOG Light Templets
  29. no ebay fog light diy diagrams?
  30. DIY Guide: Custom S2000 Button Dash Panel
  31. GReddy Oil Catch Can
  32. dupli color caliper paint
  33. OEM Fog lights templates
  34. DIY JDM sidemarkers
  35. DIY Headlamps Poll
  36. Hyper white bulbs for interior
  37. High-Temp Caliper Logo's
  38. Help DIY Door Actuator Replacement
  39. OFFICIAL ESMM Install Guide. (20 Steps)
  40. JDM dc5-R Startbotton install>oem harness
  41. DIY Blackout Picture Gallery
  42. has anyone purchased mobil 1 0w-30 or 0w-20 recently?
  43. Blackouts with rings*pics*
  44. My DIY Lisence plate re-locater
  45. DIY painted seat inserts.
  46. Show me pics of rear tint with black vinyl to cover the dot matrix!
  47. DIY Smoked Taillights
  48. Howto: Replace stock steering wheel with same
  49. Rear wiper deleted (pics) 56k not so friendly
  50. My DIY front plate
  51. Hitch for RSX??
  52. The Complete DIY Guide To Installing Energy Suspension Motor Mounts
  53. Anyone completely removed their front grill?
  54. Created adaptor to put gauge in AC vent
  55. Mechanical O2 Sensor Simulator with PICS.
  56. DIY: Remote Key
  57. DIY Sparco Inner Door Panels... DONE!
  58. Finally! 05 DC5 Smoked Tails...
  59. how to change your headlight bulbs (low beam) *56k no way*
  60. DIY JDM sidemarkers complete installation guide with pics
  61. Installing Sparkplugs.
  62. JDM Coinholder Installation
  63. DIY Guide: How to Reset your SRS Light. (Visual Guide)
  64. keyless entry isnt working...?
  65. Changing the Cabin micro filter
  66. DIY: Compression Test
  67. Custom 05 exhaust
  68. DIY: Custom 8 Point Ground Kit
  69. DIY: 05 Custom Front Grill
  70. the rpm read out wire 05-S
  71. DIY: make a JDM Type-R steering wheel work!!!
  72. -=Official DIY Blackout Thread=-
  73. DIY Red outs question
  74. Triple A-pilliar gauge pod DIY LOTS of pics
  75. Question for people that installed the Type-r wing.
  76. Removing Steering Wheel
  77. DCRH Install and Review
  78. DIY: 3$ Floor Mat Hole Fix
  79. DIY - Front Rotor(s) Removal & Replacement
  80. DIY - Rear Pads Removal & Replacement
  81. DIY - Front Pads Removal & Replacement
  82. * re-threading stock shifter? *
  83. DIY: Modified Comptech Icebox
  84. Guage Cluster
  85. Seat Belt Beep Warning
  86. post your unique diy mods: PICS WELCOME!!
  87. DIY Front Lip...
  88. DIY red-out taillights HELP!
  89. DIY: Replacing Door Actuator (w/ pics!) *56k no*
  90. Copy of my Helms for you
  91. DIY Broken FogLight fix. Lexan XL10.
  92. DIY GUIDE: OFFICIAL CARBON FIBER coating parts and more
  93. small diy mods...
  94. DIY Indash Touchscreen 7" Write Up
  95. Stock Airbox to a Comptech Icebox
  96. EDi 6500s DIY Guide
  97. Buddyclub ground kit / condensor *pics*
  98. rear wiper shave (pics)
  99. 05 to 02-04 Taillight Rewiring
  100. DIY guide to Side Skirt Painting
  101. My DIY HID Fog Light Install *56k, good luck*
  102. gold rotors and calipers
  103. DIY Painted Shift Knob Numbers
  104. What kind of gaskets do I need for my exhaust?
  105. taking off mudflaps
  106. Buddy Club DIY Install Guide!
  107. Intake Mini Project
  108. DIY red stitched seats
  109. DIY Dash Lights
  110. DIY - Rear Lowering Spring Install
  111. DIY: free jdm shift boot mod
  112. DIY - Front Lowering Spring Install
  113. 06 front grill debadge?
  114. DIY: Carputer LCD touch screen
  115. DIY: Ultimate guide to Rim painting and fixing.
  116. DIY Oh shit handle
  117. DIY: Aiming Headlights
  118. DIY - Oil Change
  119. DIY - 22mm & 24mm Progress Rear Sway Bar
  120. Redout Taillights
  121. "Black Chrome" Headlights Using Tint Spray
  122. DIY- Clutch Install
  123. Replacing 2002 seats with 2005 seats
  124. DIY guide to jacking up RSX and trans fluid swap
  125. Cold Air Intake fenderwell hole FIX (need suggestions)
  126. DIY: Dash rattles all gone
  127. DIY: Gauge in Vent ~No Extra Peices Required.
  129. My 2005 MM Calipers PAINTED (PICS IN HERE,56k Warning)
  130. Another Sony PSP Install
  131. LED Conversions DIY topic
  132. DIY Guide: Gauge in A/C Vent
  133. Gold 05' Type-S wheels
  134. Couple of teaser of my little DIY!!!!
  135. Changing Your Own Coolant Q's
  136. DIY Speed Source Shifter Bushing Kit
  137. DIY: Cleaned my IAC valve -- idle issues fixed!
  138. Re-installation of AEM CAI
  139. DIY Guide: How to Install JDM Door Visor. (Visual Guide)
  140. Removing steering wheel. What is involved?
  141. DIY: 2005 RSX Front End Conversion
  142. DIY RSX Headlight Blackouts: Complete!!!
  143. Air gun/ratchet for lug nuts
  144. DIY Guide: How to Install S2000 Push Start Button. (Visual Guide)
  145. DIY Intake
  146. suggestion about my hazard button...
  147. DIY K24 Frankenstein build
  148. Mugen Replica front bar Torque spec?
  149. JDM Side Marker Cut Outs
  150. Removing Caliper Paint
  151. resurface Carbon Fiber hood
  152. Diy Radio Code
  153. DIY: Grease Window Regulator Rails
  154. DIY-PureVision HID Kit
  155. DIY: Redout and Debadge Complete!
  156. drilling the comptech ss...
  157. Drag bags for GTO...
  158. X-clips tutorial (pic by pic)
  159. DIY 'INTEGRA' Door sills
  160. can I use this O2 sensor?
  161. Help
  162. some painted stockers
  163. Pic Request: Championship White painted stocks
  164. power seats
  165. strut from type s on my base?
  166. re:hid glare shield
  167. Post pics of your garage / working area
  168. got balls?
  169. My DSM Interior Swap
  170. DIY 'JDM' style Steering Wheel and Centercaps
  171. Quick Gauge Cluster Question...
  172. pulling motor out of dc5
  173. Hey Fella's, got a Nitrous ? For ya
  174. what do u think
  175. JDM Type-S Emblem Review
  176. DIY: Leakdown Test
  177. Calipers painted...
  178. clear coating
  179. DIY Front Bra
  180. RSX Parts & Price listing for repairs.
  181. 03 base injen cai install..need help
  182. DIY: Request for DIY changing rear license plate bulb....
  183. AUD Type-S Cluster
  184. got price quote on springs+installation
  185. Just finished my DIY Calipers
  186. Can I buy redout vinly somewhere local?
  187. Quick Bumper Removal Question
  188. how to install rh?
  189. HELP----Brakes
  190. 02-04 JDM Integra iS Emblems Review!!!!!
  191. Wiring JDM Sidemarkers
  192. another DIY blackout completed..
  193. another DIY blackout completed..
  194. another DIY blackout completed..
  195. Wax and Polish DIY Inner Headlight Housings
  196. Can someone please give me a DIY for Fuel Injectors
  197. Help! rear spring installation
  198. Help!?! Installing shift boot
  199. Need a DIY for a Flywheel
  200. anyone have the DIY Pictures for the 05' Taillight rewire?
  201. Door panel insert
  202. Cheap DIY For Those With Stock Mufflers!
  203. 03 cluster to 05 cluster?
  204. rear caliper painting
  205. Wrinkle Paint on Calipers
  206. Need Suggestions: DIY muffler painting
  207. I need a Front Wheel Replacement DIY.. ARUGH
  208. Finally, base tb bypass complete
  209. door lock issues... help?
  210. Maybe a Problem (Injectors)
  211. red suede steering wheel
  212. 05 rsx foglights install???
  213. DIY: Ultimate Guide to Ingalls Torque Damper Install
  214. IM won't come off!!!!!!
  215. Wish Me Luck..............
  216. Yellow headlights
  217. Dremel for Sidemarker installation...
  218. clear coat
  219. need grounding points for hks ground wire
  220. adjusting clutch
  221. DIY For Tranny Install?
  222. warranty
  223. Guys--- Need help in throw out bearing
  224. My DIY shift boot adapter
  225. my pink wheels
  226. DIY Shift Boot adaper
  227. I have done motor mounts, suspension, and audio installs...
  228. heat shields
  229. Well, I finally finished my first DIY Clutch and Flywheel replacement
  230. For those of you want to mold in-dash screen carputer project but afraid to screw up
  231. Help with rear bumper clips.
  232. Tired of making a mess when taking the oil filter off?
  233. Relocating License Plate with Velcro
  234. i cand help on JRSC instals
  235. Clear reflector and clear blinker
  236. replacing primary o2 sensor
  237. JDM Shift Knob install
  238. want to install my satellite radio
  239. DIY yellow foglights/lamin-x install
  240. Please Direct Me
  241. another diy wheels thread. Bronze this time
  242. DIY: Rear seat plastic tray -> leather???
  243. The saga of the BOM Rear Bumper
  244. Oil Change
  245. Installing the Powergetter
  246. To all those hesitant to DIY!!
  247. DIY Autometer Pill Kit (shift light related)
  248. Request: DIY gauge install
  249. DIY painted pillar
  250. need help with removing pass side mirror