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  1. please read before posting****updated 11 oct 2004***explanation of new forum***
  2. What do you believe?
  3. First-Baby Sweepstakes Fuels Immigration Debate
  4. NCAA Confederate flag ban
  5. Whats your prediction for the rest of the war on terror?
  6. State of the Union....
  7. how liberals and conservatives developed
  8. Poll: Would you vote for a female or African-America?
  9. Illegal Migrant Theme Park in Mexico?
  10. Jesus' Tomb Unearthed?
  11. Filthy rats now resort to rape as a weapon. How honorable.
  12. All Christians are terrorists
  13. Anyone alse here hate EP3's
  14. Fucking liberals call US facists? Democraps are the real nanny state facists.
  15. The pending housing bust
  16. don't let the VT shooting spawn more gun control
  17. Breaking News Video!!! and Pictures of the V-tech Killer!
  18. State your opinions or beliefs about U.S. military
  19. Hay guys ive figured it all out...
  20. Callin' Out Flash202 - Bad SEller
  21. The "Liberal Media" has a momentary laps of "Reason".
  22. question regarding the u.s. attorneys getting canned
  23. Filthy lib pigs desecrate veterans graves
  24. Ron Paul
  25. Texas crowd kills man
  26. U.S. Death Toll in Iraq in July Expected to Be Lowest in ’07
  27. Minimum wage hike - for or against?
  28. It's still about race in Jena, La.
  29. Zeitgeist - The Movie
  30. More lib insanity: Fireman FORCED to participate in San Diego Gay Pride Parade
  31. Iraq: DO You Remember What They Said?
  32. Iraq war czar: Consider a draft
  33. In case of a draft...what would you do?
  34. In case of a revolution....... what would you do ???
  35. Can a woman rape a man?
  36. Iran within 6 months?
  37. Bush invokes 'tragedy of Vietnam' against Iraq pullout
  38. Fox News = Bush's propaganda machine?
  39. Perverts and Hypocrites: "Conservative" Republicans
  40. Iran Ready to Fill Iraq Power Vacuum, Iran President Says
  41. The Gay Pages?
  42. Less Than Half of All Published Scientists Endorse Global Warming Theory
  43. Cop Suspended by Houston School District Over 'Ghetto Handbook'
  44. Bush and Dems on the mortgage crisis and thier proposal
  45. Accords Not Allowed in 42 States?
  46. U.S. military censors Iraq criticism
  47. Bush tells biographer: 'I do tears'
  48. The REAL Rudy.....
  49. Is the media giving out too much information?
  50. About time somebody in the government stands up for what's right
  51. Carbon Offsets: Eco-Extortion, Green Guilt, and the Selling of Indulgences
  52. Shocker: scientists neutral on global warming
  53. More anti-American leftist rat VERMIN
  54. Terrorist group CAIR supporting laws protecting illegal immigrants
  55. VID: Screaming Women interrupt Petraeus hearings
  56. Top general: Iraq 'surge' is working
  57. The USA Vs Venezuela
  58. Despite all evidence to the contrary, the Administration keeps up its lies
  59. If we had trouble getting fighters jets up on 9/11...
  60. Abolishment of the Electoral College...your thoughts?
  61. Federal agencies flunk their audits
  62. Maybe you NSA alarmist are on the wrong side...
  63. greenspan tells the truth about Iraq, among other things
  64. Money as Debt- the creation of our massive deficit
  65. Blackwater firm ejected from Iraq
  66. Are liberals smarter than conservatives?
  67. You Don't Fucking Matter (Student Tasered for asking question)
  68. Bowman Now Calls For Impeachment: Asks Military To Refuse Orders To Attack IRAN
  69. Alan Greenspan claims Iraq war was really for oil
  70. Do you trust the police?
  71. US Attorney charged in child sex sting
  72. WTFTazerz??!@!
  73. Will we see a Nuclear bomb go off in our lifetime?
  74. Five People Arrested For Reading The Constitution At A Pro War Rally
  75. Bin Laden likely in Chitral Pakistan
  76. Ron Paul owns fed chairman Ben Bernanke
  77. A Theory as to "What's Been Going On"
  78. what does everyone think of the Iran president speaking at Columbia University?
  79. SCHIP, tax increase
  80. Media and governemnt lying about Iraq death toll
  81. US $ now == Canadian $
  82. The War in Iraq Costs
  83. nike makes a shoe for native americans
  84. The National sport of mocking Christianity continues....
  85. Shocker: Disbarred traitor far left rat lawyer given a teaching job.
  86. Half of Overseas Ballots Not Counted
  87. Scientists Feel Miscast in Film on Life’s Origin
  88. $2B lawsuit accuses car makers of keeping Canadian prices high
  89. Should Schools Fingerprint Your Kids?
  90. Money Raised For Aids
  91. Ice melted 1300 years before co2 increase.
  92. Anti-war Democrats don't oppose war?
  93. Ever wonder who is giving money to pass or fail a bill?
  94. Wounded vets also suffer financial woes
  95. Finally the end of the Korean War? Big news hitting here today
  96. Soldier warns "Investigate if I die" then is found dead.
  97. CIA warns of attacks across Europe
  98. Roadside Memorials
  99. Only Whites can live here...
  100. 2008 election
  101. Bush backs Mexico, rapist-murderer - International court seeks to block death penalty
  102. HIV vaccine project names Canadian to head world effort
  103. Ron Paul and Bill Richardson
  104. Illinois Public School Mandate - Moment of Silence
  105. Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize?!
  106. So the Navy's killing whales.
  107. Right on leftist pigs!You got another wish-American dead b/c of strict wire tap laws
  108. Actually some good news: Gore put in his rightful place by a SCIENTIST!!!!
  109. More Global warming crap refuted: and the Nobel Peace Prize is a fraud (of course)
  110. h00-R4Y for socialized health care! Brits pulling their own t33th! Glorious!
  111. 'Mom' and 'Dad' banished by California
  112. Empire State building to celbrate Islamic holliday
  113. Even San Fransicko Catholic bishops bastardize their own church!
  114. Genocide Legislation
  115. Verizon Wireless: If you don’t opt out, we get to share your CPNI call data
  116. Bush: Threat of World War III if Iran goes nuclear
  117. Yes. My vote is sealed.
  118. Jewish families in Iran advised to leave the country without delay
  119. Retired General John Abizaid admits that Iraq war is about oil
  120. Safety first, yes, but today's overprotected kids need to live a little
  121. Stephen Colbert enters Presidential Race (in South Carolina)
  123. Shocking: Hillary's Cash Eyed As Chinese-laundered
  124. Bush asks for $46 billion more for wars
  125. UK Muslims to govt: Want us not to become jihadists? Give us money
  126. Jury Duty
  127. $90 a barrel for Oil....
  128. Shocker: George Soros funded company may be scamming Medicare/Medicaid
  129. *Update* 2005 shooting of an Italian intelligence agent in Iraq
  130. Hillary Clinton and Peter Paul
  131. Dems prove once again to have no backbone and refuse to fight our enemies.
  132. Miller Brewing Apologizes for 'Last Supper' Poster
  133. Shocking:Whites are fired from police jobs to be more 'diverse'-
  134. Shocking:Whites are fired from police jobs to be more 'diverse'-
  135. U.S. warship sinks two pirate skiffs
  136. The 5 Dancing Jews
  137. Laura Bush's embrace of tyranny
  138. U of Delaware: "All Whites are Racist"
  139. Minuteman group grows amid illegal immigration fight
  140. Godtube, Charlie evolution vs creation
  141. Wow-who'dathunkit- Illegals with TB working at Poultrt plant.
  142. 11/5 - Ron Paul Supporters!
  143. Exterminate White People.
  144. More seditious vermin in higher ed: Extra credit for flag burning
  145. Manchurian Canidate: Hillary takes cash from terror suspects
  146. Going to the Beijing Olympics? Don’t take your Bible.
  147. Army testing 'invisible' tanks
  148. This week's best grounds to impeach Bush
  149. Democrats: Applying Our Fairness Doctrine To PBS Would Be Unfair
  150. "Global Warming; It is a SCAM"
  151. You leftist idiots just dont get it: The enviormental racket is socialist tyrnanny..
  152. O.J. Simpson Back on trial.......
  153. Oil prices surging 5 bucks a gallon By new years anyone?
  154. D.C. imam declares Muslim takeover-plan
  155. What if all the frequent contributors to the Pulpit met in person?
  156. God?
  157. EnviroMission
  158. Lowe's & the Family Tree
  159. Those damn boy scouts!
  160. The uninvited guest
  161. Saudi punishes gang rape victim with 200 lashes
  162. Santa Claus banned from Ho Ho Ho
  163. George Bush wants to give immunity to lawbreakers
  164. Maryland forced vaccinations
  165. Jakarta riots of May 1998: Never Forget
  166. Cost of non-participation: global crisis in the making
  167. Sinking Currency, Sinking Country
  168. Those Damn Bridge Players!
  169. Chuck Norris Approved!
  170. They Gonna Take Yer Gun, Bubba
  171. Saudi woman gets 200 lashes for getting raped
  172. Aids Racketeers Vastly Hyped Numbers To Get More $
  173. Wounded Soldiers Being Asked For Parts Of The Signing Bonuses Back
  174. Rep. John Murtha wants Marines’ defamation suit tossed out
  175. Sesame Street on DVD - Don't show the kids!
  176. U.S. defends AP photographer's detention in Iraq
  177. More taser madness - Utah state trooper
  178. Chavez’s Socialist Economic Policies Are Working - Unless, Of Course, You Like To Eat
  179. Political Compass
  180. wtfbbq boarder security?!
  181. interesting case, self defense or manslaughter?
  182. Giuliani: "You're all a bunch of morons."
  183. Make Burglar Clean Up at Gunpoint
  184. So this is todays society now Black KKK
  185. Anyone watch the CNN republicans debate
  186. Get OVER IT already
  187. Firefighters asked to report people who express discontent with the government
  188. Rudy's Ties to a Terror Sheikh
  189. Ron Paul wins 2nd YouTube debate
  190. Victoria's Secret Marketing at the Mall
  191. Iran stopped developing nuclear weapons in 2003
  192. mortgage disaster bailout....
  193. Ron paul (Serious thread)
  194. Happy Hannukah!
  195. The NAU , AMERO , NATFA etc
  196. Aspartame - your thoughts please.
  197. CIA Destroys "interrogation" tapes
  198. CAIR called 'turnstile' for terrorist suspects
  199. Colorado Christian Shooting
  200. lol, ever read the Mark Foley instant messages?
  201. So in Light of All the New Evidence v.global warming
  202. From The Programmer's Mouth: How The 2000 Election Was Fixed
  203. Sept 10th, 2001... 2.3 Trillion Dollars went missing
  204. Assasination
  205. Rendition Right up the pulpits alley
  206. No more slot machines for soldiers overseas
  207. does this site have a valid claim
  208. Human evolution accelerating
  209. The Fair Tax book
  210. 3rd Party loans for a college student
  211. Is there a God? Believers and non Believers, get in here.
  212. Lakota Indians Withdraw Treaties Signed With U.S. 150 Years Ago
  213. FBI Confiscated $400K from man, who is charged with no crime
  214. So much for all that airport security...
  215. Merry Christmas Guys and Gals
  216. The speech Bush should make..
  217. Halliburton = Stealing your money
  218. Bhutto Assassinated this morning
  219. RIP Benazir Bhutto
  220. How to learn more about candidates?
  221. Political Demographics
  222. Problems & Solutions: Supply-Side vs. Demand-Side
  223. Pulpit Crew... What are your favorite books?
  224. CRSX Caucus day! Republicans... *Vote*
  225. CRSX Caucus day! Democrats... *Vote*
  226. Ohio Election workers sentenced to 18 months for rigging 2004 election
  227. Ron Paul on Jay Leno.
  228. The fallacy of 'democracy' (serious discussion only inside)
  229. The ACLU really are a bunch of morons...
  230. Does God approve of smoking marijuana?
  231. Fox News: We Report -- Even if We Know It's False
  232. Barack Obama for US President?
  233. ‘Errors’ Transposing Votes and Diebold Machines Removed Votes From Obama and Paul
  234. Do you believe illegal aliens should receive a valid driver's license?
  235. The Missing, Pregnant Marine Story
  236. Big Brother in house controlling your thermostat
  237. Greg Craven Vid stirring up some controversy
  238. Illegal Aliens: Disprortionate percentage of perverts.
  239. Why people believe weird things about money
  240. If music can affect someone....
  241. Carrying concealed weapons on campuses? *POLL*
  242. Ron Paul '90s newsletters rant against blacks, gays
  243. Kids! Don't get drunk and stoned and wave at tigers!
  244. Paypal Freezes New Hampshire Recount Funds
  245. Bush wants fast tax aid to boost economy -- 150 billion
  246. Huckabee: Amend the Constitution to Reflect God's Standards
  247. ACLU says bathroom sex stings are an invasion of privacy...
  248. North American Union
  249. Bin Laden's son wants to be ambassador of peace
  250. Bill Clinton Laugh & Cry Vid