: The Birds and The Bees

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  1. Hooked up with Ex's sister
  2. STD & Health Related Links (Updated April 2, 2007)
  3. Help me choose baby's name lol
  4. Girlfriend Rating Thread *Winter 2006 Edition-NO FAPPING*
  5. What do you think about a man taking his wifes last name?
  6. before you consider an american woman
  7. New GF
  8. Does this make you fackers happy?!?
  9. have you done this before!?!
  10. Astronaut or ASStronaut?
  11. How Low would you go?
  12. Advice: Get a Vasectomy but keep it a secret
  13. Girl tells me she has HPV....
  14. Sex vids of your ex-gf
  15. Girls: Do you like your asshole being played with?
  16. Gay Son or Slutty Daughter?
  17. I need your advice.
  18. dick size growing because of sex?
  19. Problem whit g/f
  20. oral sex = throat cancer
  21. All women are cheating, lying sluts.. in one way or another.
  22. What's the most times you've beaten off in a day?
  23. Clams only friends but get mad when i talk to other chicks..
  24. I'm Wondering How Many Females Have Tasted Themselves After Masturbation....
  25. re: me being with a tranny
  26. LOL @ re: me being with a tranny
  27. Would You Be Gay?
  28. tasted my own semen today
  29. how many sexual partners have you had?
  30. prostitute .................. wtf ..................
  31. if i got a shot at ONE pornstar, it would be... *WW*
  32. lol, grab your reading glasses.
  33. is porn an addiction? fantasy land?
  34. **Official Birds and Bees Reference Guide**just broke up, have a situation? look here
  35. Which Ethnic Group Or Race Are You Most Attracted To?
  36. So, it looks like my gf of a year is gonna break up with me...
  37. ***KEEP THE GIRLS COMIN'---***Girlfriend thread part II*** KEEP FAPPAGE ON THE DL
  38. Revisiting the Discrimination Rule
  39. Jailbait... is this wrong...?
  40. "That" girl you always wanted to get with...
  41. Where the freaks at...
  42. What would you do...
  43. damn, karma got them
  44. What size is her rack (pics included)
  45. Dreams of Ex Girlfriend
  46. What does the male orgasm feel like?
  47. Girls with kids?
  48. Semi long read , but I need an outsiders view.
  49. Am I being selfish in my relationship?
  50. 24year chick that never experience an orgasm?
  51. *A Story About Me* Help me figure out what the signs mean if they are even signs.
  52. Love Hurts
  53. making it official
  54. Masturbation Stories: Post em' here..
  55. i think im in love with my sister
  56. man, this sucks...
  57. Proposal gone wrong
  58. Why Wont Girls Ever Forget That ONE Thing?
  59. the wierdest place you've ever rubbed one out
  60. Why don't all women wax/shave their arms?
  61. What's Your Biggest Insecurity
  62. Anyone in long distance relationship?
  63. Blind Dates or Hook Ups Gone Wrong?
  64. Princess Complex
  65. Cheater's Diary
  66. so i popped the question last night..
  67. Screamers Or Moaners?
  68. I hate women that name drop trying to make you jealous
  69. Marriage Thread
  70. what do you or your g/f call your ....?
  71. Hmm... Take a stab at this or find someone else
  72. man fuck
  73. Ok so a lil' girl drama...
  74. What to do
  75. friend pissed bc i got to some girl 1st, whos right?
  76. HOw would you go about this?
  77. Dating a friends ex??
  78. Guys, do you expect your girls to cook for you?
  79. Fear Of Rejection?
  80. God I hate girls that info drop then lie about it, THE SEQUEL [part 2]
  81. Guys Are Obligated To Pay For Dinner?
  82. Sex Life..........
  83. mixed feelings....
  84. dunno what to do
  85. what should i do with on the 1st date?
  86. Dont know what to call this thread
  87. wtf? I suck?
  88. this shit is retarded, what are friends for...lol
  89. this bish is a winner!
  90. Risk evaluation for becoming "just a friend"
  91. Wrestling moves on chicks?
  92. Girlfriend Question
  93. girls and their games
  94. How do you?
  95. Anyone here tried Viagra or Cialis for fun?
  96. questions for guys
  97. Licking The Butt Hole?
  98. A question for everyone...
  99. Top 3
  100. big gf question
  101. Relationship Milestones?
  102. Los partes de las mujeres
  103. What is your favorite Position...?
  104. Should I bring a date to a wedding or go solo and pick up some gilrs @ the wedding?
  105. Physically running out of cum.....
  106. This is who buys the real doll.
  107. is it just me here?
  108. Getting blown while dropping a deuce -- ftw or ftl?
  109. what happen to the needle dick thread
  110. How to Get a Date
  111. Gold digger owned on so many levels on craigslist
  112. need assistance, pics for those who help
  113. Orgy...
  114. Girlfriend wants to 69...
  115. what do you do?
  116. getting head by a girl w/ pierced tongue...
  117. Bloody semen?
  118. My current situation AKA: What would you do?
  119. Welcome to Every Date Ever
  120. Boners are bad now
  121. Ever Cheat On Her/Him?
  122. Do you use Google Images to fap?
  123. Who Here Has Had Sex With A Prostitute?
  124. Girls that smoke (weed, ciggs, ...ect.)
  125. the chase better than the catch?
  126. GF & I 1 year anniversary coming up( Any Suggestions??)
  127. song for the perfect girl
  128. Girls who know they're going to have sex that night...
  129. Lost wedding band = pissed off?
  130. Favorite Condoms
  131. Dirty Talk......
  132. Car experiences?
  133. Dirty talking during sex!
  134. friend dates a pedophile
  135. pron vs. real life *rant*
  136. girls: rough question?
  137. Cheating Response
  138. Throat Gagging
  139. 2 year anniversary present [help]]]
  140. With Or Without
  141. Zomg what to cook!
  142. chicks 23 ro 27 without kids?
  143. problems..
  144. Ugly Chick With Banging Body OR Hot chick With NO Body
  145. This is cool
  146. what should i do?
  147. wtf is warmy
  149. My friends ex gf is pregnant with his baby
  150. If spouse was out of control what would you do?
  151. Have you ever looked at an old lady/man and...
  152. Mr. Religious
  153. Subsidised brothels for disabled people
  154. the 1 day rule?
  155. FYI- hpv
  156. girls: what do you fantasize about when you see a hot guy?
  157. What is it with girls...
  158. What is it with girls...
  159. Damm she's moving too fast
  160. going out with girl for a whileee, big problem, just wow..
  161. How do I go about this?
  162. everytime i approach a girl......
  163. The Truth About Bonhomie *CHAT*
  164. ever date a chick that looks like a porn star?
  165. Filing your nails so u don't cut up ur girl?
  166. Oral Sex....
  167. Best/Funniest/Craziest Sex Stories
  168. What should i do....:dontknow:???
  169. Mixed Signals!
  170. Whenever my wife gets sick she sounds like my ex girl friend..
  171. The raspy voice (i.e. tara reid), hot or not?
  172. second chances?
  173. Best places to pick up girls
  174. Odd situation for my pen0r.
  175. Guys: Right after you guys bust
  176. clubrsx: the new eharmony
  177. people hooking up on the forum aka e-relationships
  178. Miami Club Remoter infects girls with HIV
  179. pics
  180. pics
  181. Online Booty Calls?
  182. The balloon knot.....
  183. How do you get over her?
  184. Kim Kardashian
  185. hit it or not? *pics*
  186. What should I do? GF is being weird.
  187. Worse You Treat Them...The More They Want To Be With You?
  188. Country Concerts ftw!
  189. Any chicks or pimps out there to give me advice on how to approach this chick I like?
  190. see, i done...
  191. love song help
  192. Girl invites me to her place...SMELLS LIKE CAT PISS!!
  193. birthday for GF
  194. Want to please my man 4 his bday next week... suggestions??
  195. *generic thread topic about some girl*
  196. Brakimg up with my girl
  197. accessing gf's accounts
  198. What's YOUR ideal way to pop the question?
  199. Birds and the Bees Sticky Sock *CHAT*
  200. gf's parents are trying to break us up
  201. Best method of ripping a woman's hymen if it's not already been ripped to shreds
  202. wow, cstrike got fucked and left
  203. Sex Question
  204. Girlfriend's Afraid She'll Hurt Our Relationship
  205. Best Way To Meet to a Girl?
  206. Double Dippage FTMFW
  207. How many of you have "Super soaked that ho"?
  208. Does being ticklish
  209. Please need advise!!! Crazy situation
  210. Ever Rubbed One Out At Work?
  211. Judging women's cleanliness by their feet?
  212. What to do?
  213. Taking gf to Christmas party for the first time tonight
  214. I already know what I'm going to do, but what would YOU do?
  215. Something Fishy going on
  216. girlfriend was flipping through my phone
  217. Who is your best friend?
  218. Is anyone watching the victoria's secret fashion show now?
  219. god squad?
  220. anyone ever fapped or had sex in the office during normal work hours
  221. biting the brown
  222. Anal bleaching?
  223. who else had a good night?
  224. Phone Sex?
  225. weird situation
  226. Gift Ideas for my girlfriend
  227. What to do...PT.2
  228. Suggestions?
  229. 2007 Break Up Crew
  230. weirder situation
  231. How to go on about this..
  232. Need the help of CRSX!!!
  233. what did you guys get your girlfriends??
  234. Girl Types: What kind have you been with?
  235. The Do's and Dont's of Lieing, Cheating, Text messaging and random CHIT!
  236. GF is late and im not ready to be a dad...
  237. Leykis 101 - The solutions to getting LAID!
  238. Fake love calculators....awkward
  239. Hot chicks with douchebags?
  240. Damn....what to do
  241. Dudes
  242. Well fuck. Pics on Friday
  243. Sucking Boobs Give Orgasms?!?!?
  244. chris hansen pick up lines lol
  245. my world got fucked today
  246. Top 5 Male Turnoffs
  247. How many fingers can you put into your woman?
  248. SmotheringóCan You Love Too Much?
  249. restautant date with a girl who works as a waitress
  250. I Can't Take Rejection