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  1. In Memory of Justin Hoffman AKA Harbinger
  2. Military Guys: Check In
  3. military: what do you enjoy most about military service?
  4. Welcome to the Military forum. *Revised rules* - updated 1-6-11
  5. Active Duty Military
  6. Lawyers or airforce personell, please help
  7. Cindy Sheehans New Book!!!
  8. How many times have u gone to the Sandbox and Where??
  9. Where is everyone stationed at?
  10. Anthrax, Smallpox, Typhoid crew check in here
  11. All Navy: Post your rate
  12. very pissed off.....
  13. 07E5 results released this wednesday bitches Who tested
  14. So I met Gen. Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint chiefs of Staff
  15. What online college do you guys attend?
  16. Where are you stationed at?
  17. Marksman/Sharpshooter/Expert-----Rifle and Pistol
  18. military comp secure
  19. if you would join another branch of service, which one would you join?
  20. All military: List all of your qualifications and collateral duties
  21. Ever have that shitty upper chain?
  22. Question for the USAF guys.
  23. AIRSpeed...who else is doing it?
  24. All branches Post your Ribbon Stack
  25. Army guys : Combatives
  26. Buddy of mine possibly getting discharged. Airmen chime in.
  27. Squid Crew, I need to ask you about navy related shit
  28. Anyone other Marines.....
  29. USAF Active Reserve Questions
  30. Question about pay..
  31. IRR, oh noes!
  32. Sorry, another USAF question:
  33. Need some help
  34. Nuclear Warhead Incident at Minot
  35. fuck north korea
  36. Why Did I Get a Mail from Selective Service System
  37. What happened to the photo thread?
  38. Is this true about the AF?
  39. Club RSX military, thank you for your service
  40. dad of all bombs
  41. Army ??
  42. Stuck on a Submarine and It's Rigged for Hot Sweaty Ball Sacks.
  43. Army/Air Force, do you guys have "duty?"
  44. Combat shirts?????
  45. Going to the DMZ today Pics to be posted
  46. American flag on uniforms
  47. Women in the military
  48. Ben Stein is a Beast, this guy loves the military
  49. All military: searching for lost friends?
  50. Reservists doing what now?
  51. General military info, pay charts
  52. Guess That Tank!
  53. usafe/usareur overseas europe military meet
  54. North and South Korea, Finally at peace?
  55. Norfolk Meet
  56. Any E-7 to E-9s in here?
  57. does anyone know if the Exchange sells iPods?
  58. Going Blue to Green
  59. IA questions
  60. help me with my next off road project
  61. was it a really stupid idea?
  62. unhappy about Navy's Physical Readiness Testing standards
  63. Post your transfer and/or contract date
  64. Humorous AF Crew Chiefs (Video)
  65. before you move to germany
  66. "This Is Why I'm Hot" (Air Force Officer/Pilot Remix) hahahaha
  67. R.I.P Paul Tibbets Enola Gay Pilot
  68. troop supporter of the year award goes to this guy
  69. any Club RSX female military personnel?
  70. my brigade commander makes me sick
  71. What is the true nature of Patriotism in the U.S?
  72. where are da muddafuqin soldiers at?
  73. so what did you lie about when you enlisted??
  74. Cfc
  75. Official Military post pix of your vehicle thread
  76. birthday: Harbinger
  77. Birthday In MOPP 4, this is how we dooos it
  78. Happy 232nd Birthday Marines !!
  79. thank you
  80. question about VA medical coverage for unretired veterans
  81. Airdrop deployment methods
  82. i want this assclown for my commander in cheif
  83. army medic
  84. 6 troops now confirmed dead In Helo Crash at Aviano 4 from my career field
  85. letter of commendation
  86. Advice for branch regulations questions
  87. WWII Fighter Plane Discovered on Beach
  88. semi-old F-22 vid
  89. Anyone coming to Italy
  90. female leadership?
  91. Why does Hezbollah have M-16's and M-4s?
  92. Dec 7, 1941
  93. Telling ppl what you actually do in the Millitary
  94. meh
  95. ROTC Skit
  96. My AFROTC Rack
  97. Christmas In Fallujah
  98. Christmas In Fallujah
  99. America's Oldest WW1 vet dies at age 109 :(
  100. I don't miss this....
  101. Army Recruiting Commercial from the late '80s
  102. Merry Christmas; Happy New Year; Happy Holidays
  103. Re-enlistment Crew!
  104. Officer in Coast Guard or Navy?
  105. Two U.S. Sailors found dead in hotel room
  106. Friendly reminder: W-2 Now available
  107. Im leaving soon!!
  108. Can the army send you to Iraq for a tour w/ no pay?
  109. So I'm turning 18 next month...
  110. 2008 Pay Raise 3.0 not 3.5
  111. Past Service
  112. VA Home Loans
  113. freedom tracker...
  114. Anyone else doing the 'Deid
  115. Probably no one has done this but oh well...
  116. Thanks are appreciated
  117. ATTN: every military member on CRSX
  118. BWAHAHA Thug Wanna Be got Owned by Our 3 Star this week on base. Great story inside
  119. military workout-aholics
  120. AF guys, Nav or ABM?
  121. the AA-12 auto shotgun
  122. military parking spots
  123. anyone been to t.q.?
  124. usareur/usafe meet
  125. Edwards Drops Out Of Race
  126. Sitting around the camp fire BATTLE CHAT
  127. Bonuses On Hold?!?!?!
  128. Special Forces
  129. WTFFFFFF....[video]
  130. Less than a week!
  131. before an active duty member or civilian bitches about the military......
  132. $100 off SIG pistol
  133. Inspirational Video
  134. Over There
  135. question for USAF personnel
  136. Dog tags and your woman..
  137. Any 98C/35N?
  138. USAF..Goodfellow AFB?
  139. Took the ASTB (Navy Aviation test)
  140. NAS Willow Grove PA
  141. video: how to fix a stuck landing wheel on a helicopter
  142. "Future Weapons" tv show
  143. Go Navy! (satellite shot down)
  144. B-2 Stealth Bomber Crashes In Guam!!!
  145. AMU of the Year - Maintenance Profressional of the Year (MPOY)
  146. Coast Guard Reserves?
  147. Military job
  148. USAF, one step closer.
  149. Working for the government; Military or Federal Job?
  150. old vids but good vids (fighter jet crash vids)
  151. A-6 crew ejected unnecessarily
  152. Anybody know where to get new military surplus clothes?
  153. Navy's newest ship - USS New York (LPD-21) - built from WTC steel
  155. Boeing pwned. Airforce choose Northrup for new tanker
  156. any tips for basic training?
  157. so this is what air force pilots do in iraq
  158. i am totaly freaking out right now...
  159. Stennis Linebacker?
  160. OIF Check In
  161. Female friend currently in basic..
  162. Military Signatures
  163. Interesting Sniper Video
  164. Sheppard AFB, TX
  165. Shock and awe video
  166. Free Admission to Laguna Seca for Festival of Speed
  167. Female medic to receive silver star
  168. TDY Next Week
  169. canyon carvers run in germany
  170. another site for military peeps
  171. heading out
  172. I just made board for E-7, but I'm in a dilemma
  173. WTF is code pink?
  174. Free Credit score and analysis
  175. You've been drafted
  176. AF Guys, why is the Space/Missle Community frowned upon?
  177. 3rd Deployment!
  178. Fury is this one of your students?
  179. Question for all you marines.
  180. Where were you recruited out of? Where did you go and where are you now?
  181. Disrespect to the flag. Saw this on another forum
  182. Disrespect to the flag part 2. Not fanatiks thread anymore
  183. Just joined
  184. Army Uniforms For Sale
  185. spotted a couple of Marines with zero military bearing
  186. Navy Rates..
  187. Just graduated from USCG Basic Training
  188. Navy Ftw
  189. Not sure if anyone has seen it. The youtube Vid causing a rukus. Fort bragg barracks
  190. Need a copy of my DD-214
  191. Crash at Sheppard AFB
  192. Navy DEP program. leaving soon
  193. Blue Angels
  194. enlisted: what paygrade did you start out as?
  195. funny picture
  196. Aced my AFAST today!
  197. House Passes New GI bill Senate votes next week
  198. Army? Navy? Marines? Air Force?
  199. To all My Military Bro's and Sis
  200. navy > army
  201. Great Thread on about Military
  202. Richardson Air Force Academy grad shares chest bump with President Bush
  203. Article 15 Rebuttal lulz
  204. Medal of Honor awarded to Pfc. McGinnis
  205. Munster Orders Received. 2 Options
  206. Top 2 Air Force Officials Resign
  207. D-Day apreciation Thread
  208. what do the numbers stand for in oif 05-07
  209. ?Question?(Primarily for pilots.(what few there are))
  210. Thought i would share my photo.
  211. Prt Failures
  212. Tired of the blind faith
  213. Is gas cheaper on base?
  214. New GI BILL
  215. Differences between duty sections
  216. Are you satisfied with your physical testing standards?
  217. Acceptance to West Point
  218. does anyone know (army)
  219. I love my job
  220. New Joint service general Purpose gas mask, Anyone get one yet
  221. bored
  222. Blind SF Soldier
  223. Freedom is not free
  224. US flag avatar
  225. Happy 4th fellas
  226. Any CRSXers in CENTCOM AOR?
  227. Any Naval Academy alumni here?
  228. Marine Busted for Biting Off GI's Ear
  229. Iran has missles, or maybe just Photoshop
  230. AFROTC Field Training
  231. Red Flag
  232. B-52 crash off guam
  233. Obama doesn't visit wounded soldiers in Germany
  234. Any AF recruiters in here?
  235. Thinking about joining. Your opinion
  236. What did you get on your ASVAB this should be fun!!
  237. Any cRSX members in SOUTHCON AOR??
  238. hey guys....
  239. "all military guys have nice cars"
  240. 10 1/2 + yrs, what to do........
  241. Park University? and military personnel in school
  242. cstrike is still in afghanistan
  243. Generation Kill...
  244. Auto Insurance companies that offer military discounts?
  245. military vs civilian friends
  246. Random F-16 pix @ Hill AFB, Utah
  247. USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) flight ops
  248. Make Life Easy
  249. E-6 and up Army and Air Force
  250. Anyone stationed at Fort Eustis