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  1. important info regarding valvetrain on newer RSX's
  2. Started porting my head today (pics)
  3. A brief tour of how to check clearances in your motor
  4. DIY: Stripping and rebuilding a K-Series cylinder head.
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  8. The Definitive k20/k24 Sensor Comparison
  9. does it matter which k24 bottom i get
  10. Motor mount from my Type-S wont work with my k24a2?
  11. What size injectors for K24?
  12. Removing Oil Cooler and Blocking off Water Pump
  13. k24a2 valve clearance specs?
  14. Starting my K20 build and want some advise
  15. questions about using f20 crank in k20
  16. Starting my k24 build..Help!!!
  17. redline whore
  18. All motor k24/k20 build
  19. K24A1 Question
  20. a3 block with a2 head.
  21. Cinci Turbo S Build thread K24/K20
  22. got a question
  23. Valve Lock found in Oil Pan... Next move on my Part?
  24. K24 build question
  25. injectordynamics.com site and the truth about Injector Dead Times
  26. need help!!
  27. MY F20-K Hybrid Build
  28. Lower Block Question
  29. A first timers K24 build
  30. Repair manual
  31. Engine Bolts for Stand
  32. Wiseco 11.7 and Brian Crower stage 3 cam advance
  33. Easily putting the motor in time in the car during cam install
  34. "my all motor build thread"!
  35. Bolt noise while torquing Help
  36. Beehive Valve Springs
  37. need help poreted manifold and problems
  38. is there a diffrence between o4 and 05 throttle bodys
  39. Valve spring upside down... def should flip before putting everything back together?
  40. Will a K24a4 head fit on a K20a3 block?
  41. k20a2/a3 head
  42. Quick Question on Engine Blocks?!!?
  43. K20A2 rebuild help
  44. Complete 07 SI Head and Block VS Rsx S 02-up
  45. Oem Springs/retainers or aftermarket?
  46. addition of fuel cell
  47. interesting article i read
  48. Need help
  49. Camshaft VTC pin stuck in cam, wont release.
  50. F2k
  51. Rebuild question (Are Over Sized Bearings Needed)
  52. Little smoke at start-up
  53. New Hybrid Racing Timing Chain Tensioners
  54. K24 cel p0341
  55. Please help a non noob that did search all day!!
  56. Having problems designing a crank
  57. Head Gasket torque needed?
  58. Questions for experts on K24/K20
  59. Bent Valve question
  60. K20 rebuild, upgrades??
  61. Need help
  62. Engine Bay Blueprints and Specs?
  63. How hard?
  64. Topic Ideas?
  65. Engine Seals (Oil Port Plugs) - Torque Specs
  66. Head Rebuild Valve Questions
  67. Frank Build Question
  68. Head warped, Helms resurface limit question.
  69. Will k20 head increase RPM on k24?
  70. K20a3 conversion.
  71. k24 question help me
  72. 09 TSX pistons and rods
  73. k20a's other questions
  74. anyone know the answer to this
  75. compression question
  76. Replacing Piston Rings
  77. k24 questions, already searched
  78. K20/K24 questions
  79. Rocker Arm Drama.
  80. valvetrain questions
  81. help me build
  82. k20/k24 build
  83. k24 bearings
  84. Chain Tensioner Q's?
  85. Rsx headgasket
  86. Honda Camshaft Lock Pin
  87. K20/K24 Build
  88. vtc strainer
  89. Rings for '05 TSX Pistons
  90. brian crower stroker kit
  91. K20 Engine Dyno
  92. stock sleeve limits
  93. k series race valves
  94. K24 questions
  95. Do I have a chance?
  96. k24/k20 wiring harness?
  97. Head and Valvetrain rebuild???
  98. Cams and cam gears question
  99. an interesting concept
  100. k24a1 rockers vs k20a3
  101. k24a1
  102. Removing the head
  103. TSX 07 swap into 02 Type S VTC Questions
  104. K-Series Head & Block Hybrid Combinations
  105. Nice Flash Diagram of VTC
  106. Bearing color...
  107. ...
  108. HELP no compression in 3 cylinders
  109. Bent Valve, worth it?
  110. cams break-in period?
  111. Spun Rod Bearing
  112. valvetrain question..
  113. just did a k24 swap in my rsx what now?
  114. What would you do? Need advice building K20A2
  115. Cam Gears Lined up right?
  116. what part of the engine is this called?
  117. k24a2?
  118. k20a2 question
  119. rebuilding bottom end bearings
  120. Blueprint I vs H Beam Rods
  121. Kay Two Fo Build Thread Under Progress
  122. Claying the motor - what Valve to Piston & Valve to Valve clearances?
  123. Is This possible? Or just a dream.
  124. rebuilding head need help!!!
  125. blew a rod on k20z1
  126. mixing 04 with 06??
  127. Burned piston
  128. Coolant flow direction
  129. Does anyone have an Acura RSX MR?
  130. k20a2 turbo build
  131. Vid of valve float
  132. Replaced Head Gasket
  133. Steel Seal work?
  134. what to get when doing my valve stem seals
  135. k20a2 vs k24a2 head.
  136. need help with doing timing
  137. Help with damaged piston.
  138. Tsx cams, which timing chain tensioner?
  139. 05 type s crank?
  140. question for K24 people running BC2 cams and CRV pistons
  141. A2 oil pump question
  142. k20a3 build worth it???
  143. Blown Headgasket
  144. If compression Good need leakdown?
  145. Rebuilding K20A2 *turbo or engine components*
  146. Rear Main Seal: Which side of seal faces flywheel?
  147. ben rod damaged bottom of cylinder wall, fixable?
  148. Blown Headgasket or something else
  149. Build Questions, I want to get this right!
  150. part number for k20a2 cam rocker?
  151. K24 on which setup is best?
  152. Question on swapping my k20a2 with a k20z1
  153. noob k24 question
  154. electric water pump question
  155. k24/k20 tool/build info
  156. Not sure what to do? Need some opinions...
  157. Question about knock sensor, swapping from k20 to k24.
  158. Question on oil squirters for k24
  159. rbb mani cold air intake pic request
  160. OEM cam upgrade
  161. coolant in oil after swap
  162. Opinions on engine and bay painting
  163. I need some Ideas for my build!?
  164. Engine storage
  165. k20/k24 build
  166. circuit hero *lower timing chain guide*
  167. Valve upgrade
  168. threw rod looking at options
  169. Type S head swap on base....worth it or not??
  170. k20a3 head
  171. Best k24 setup for lapping car (competition)
  172. K20a2 rebuild.
  173. Valves?
  174. F22C in a RSX
  175. TSX Stock exhaust
  176. messed up cam shaft. k20a3 hed build
  177. What is this?? please help
  178. Cracked k20a2 block
  179. K24A4/K20A2 Frank Build
  180. HELP please- 02 rsx type s want to swap a k24 in
  181. Pulley help
  182. k24a2/k20z3 build
  183. Building Motor
  184. k20a2 internals
  185. Thought on my motor build for 600whp range
  186. Question about fuel delivery and FPR setup
  187. What is this part on the cylinder head and what is it for?
  188. Need a little help
  189. Installing Head Help
  190. headgasket suggestion help
  191. Spring seats
  192. K24 On the Way Pulling my K20 now. Need some tips on the switch.
  193. Which crank pulser plate?
  194. which aftermarket tensioner??
  195. quick engine question
  196. Block/Head Coolant Leak
  197. k24a2/k20a2 build advice needed
  198. JayDees Integra Type R K24a2 Swap and Build
  199. Acura rsx type s bad crank HELP!!!
  200. oil cooler question
  201. Cylinder Head Problems....
  202. Coolent line routing.
  203. Plugging the oil hole
  204. Bleeding Coolant
  205. Installing cylinder head. Need?
  206. Need some help For a K20/k24 build
  207. Which crankshaft?
  208. k24a1 oil pump rev limit?
  209. Timing/Engine Build Question
  210. CONNECTING ROD Bearing Color?
  211. Maximum Boost/Horsepower K24 Question
  212. VTC advancement on Brian Crower N/A St.2 cams??
  213. k20a2 in a base
  214. oil pump question
  215. K20 Vtec Head on base ECU?
  216. motor blew-what happened?
  217. motor blew, do i need another head?
  218. Road Race Monster/ Time Attack Killer... Engine Build... lots of pics
  219. piston to wall question
  220. k20/k24 question
  221. k20z3/k24a4 need help with pistons and rods
  222. Engine Swap HELP!!!
  223. k24/k20 break in
  224. EP3 engine on base
  225. rod bearings question
  226. Hybrid Racing Timing Tensioner Install
  227. Building a boosted k20 motor
  228. Can u leakdown test while engine cold?
  229. Misshift Rebuild
  230. K24a2 swap checklist?
  231. engine wont fire...
  232. k20z1 head on a k20a2 block
  233. Bosch 044 second fuel pump
  234. K20z1 short block with k24 head?
  235. K24a4 Question?
  236. Frank Build !!
  237. Frankenstein Swap into my RSX
  238. k24 block machining
  239. intresting discussion concerning an A3 with SOME a2 parts; check out and discuss:)
  240. Brian Crower K20 Stroker Build
  241. Which motor swap would be best for me?
  242. 4 piston racing Kinsler intake manifold
  243. help with bearing codes
  244. Input about this deal
  245. K20a2 head on a a3
  246. Deciding High Comp k20 or high comp K24/20
  247. Connecting rod bearing ??
  248. k20/24 crank sensor ?
  249. k24 internals suggestions please.
  250. k24a1 HELP