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: Problems & Solutions RSX

  1. weird acceleration problem
  2. Header Install Problem
  3. Seized brake/caliper
  4. idle problem with exhaust
  5. crashed into a speedbump, check engine light!
  6. car hit limiter at 7000RPM
  7. 02 sensor hole needs rethreading
  8. type S intake in a base auto
  9. Loss in performance without gasket?
  10. Popping Noise While Turning (Details Inside)
  11. Weird knocking noise from the suspension
  12. noise from right side
  13. Caliper Retainer/ Back Plate Fail
  14. VTEC engages at 4500 RPM, not Kpro
  15. Chirping noise when I turn the steering wheel.
  16. Chirping noise when I turn the steering wheel.
  17. Car stutters every now and then
  18. Cylinder 4 misfire
  19. Whistle on Passenger side Window.. I believe
  20. airbag light!!
  21. CEL Random misfire + all four cylinders after return to stock
  22. Reducing torque steer
  23. Wheel hop merging onto highway
  24. Scavenger Hunt
  25. master cylinder leak Help
  26. 05 rsx need help
  27. Urgent! Need Help ASAP, Brake Rotor.
  28. dash backlights and lights for ac not working
  29. wtf denso spark plugs are shorter??
  30. another o2 sensor thread
  31. 05-06 Fog Light wire harness issue
  32. exhaust issue
  33. Exhaust Rattling! HELP!!!
  34. catalytic converter question
  35. Crank but no start
  36. Misfire problem
  37. Removing gum from leather
  38. rpm dip
  39. throttle hesitation
  40. Clanking Noise on driver side
  41. Drafty door handles!!!
  42. Car sounds like an old V8!
  43. please help!
  44. Rattling in engine bay
  45. oil question
  46. Need part number quick
  47. Surface noise with Excedy stage 1 clutch?
  48. SRS light
  49. need help ASAP car wont go into reverse or park
  50. Car won't start.
  51. Clutch problems: Need advice on new kit.
  52. missing parts for installation
  53. Am new here and i need help!!!
  54. Replacement rubber piece exhaust
  55. Passenger side grommet
  56. Need Radio Code, please help!
  57. Need Help
  58. need advice!
  59. Lowering spring/shock question
  60. 6 beeps while starting the car
  61. CAI installation
  62. does anyone know if there is anything wrong with CRSX Store?
  63. Cel p0137
  64. ** Video- need help w noise**
  65. Interior panel removal for coilovers?
  66. Loud Knock help
  67. Fujita + RBC
  68. what would cause cold idle to drop suddenly?
  69. fog lights, coils, rims.
  70. <<<(( Front Bumper Damage costs HELP!!! ))>>>
  71. *:BRAKES:* Issue
  72. How do you replace the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) on the throttle body?
  73. Heat shield/o2 sensor wire removal problem
  74. Engine light help please!!!
  75. Engine Temp Fluctuation
  76. Is this axle any good.
  77. Sweet smell and coolant level dropping
  78. Seat Damage Repair
  79. need new O2 sensors pricing??
  80. CEL Light Driving me Crazy!!!!!!
  81. check engine light, different problem
  82. Valve ticking noise.
  83. low oil
  84. door automatic locks & unlocks WHILE cruising
  85. Accidently downshift from 6th to 2nd gear
  86. Car makes grinding noise on start up
  87. Think this is salvageable?
  88. I think I broke my Driver side axle.. PLEASE READ IF YOU THINK YOUR SMART
  89. below threshold
  90. RPM issues, help this guy!
  91. installed rbc manifold now idle is weird
  92. Maint' Req' Light
  93. clutch feels very soft
  94. small wiper problem
  95. Slight quealing from under the hood.
  96. Race Header check engine light...Please help..anybody.!!!
  97. hood latch!
  98. Odd rumbling noise
  99. Brake Piston Boot Ripped
  100. Knocking Noise
  101. IAT Problems
  102. Running Rich I/RH/E 06 RSX
  103. help
  104. Wiring of ECU problem? Need help ASAP!
  105. Need HELP!!! My babys down =\
  106. Stewart Warner Boost Gauge Installation
  107. Help!
  108. o2 censor k20a3
  109. 2005 rsx interior
  110. Knock Sensor Help
  111. Steering Column/Wheel well noise
  112. How to undo Bose amp bypass?
  113. idle problem need help asap
  114. ITR Carpet fitment
  115. Moonroof button not lighting up
  116. very bad engine problem plz help
  117. DCRH flex pipe replacement part?
  118. Sway Bar/Spec lll
  119. Car issue
  120. SRS after removing seats, wont reset
  121. taking off the sideskirt wtf.
  122. Problem with locks and alarm system
  123. Air conditioning
  124. Do I need a new door?
  125. sunroof weather strip folds up
  126. CEL Blink
  127. power steering return hose
  128. exhaust, hit car under deceleration
  129. 123
  130. How do you pull out the Fuel Pump Relay?
  131. Clunking Noise comming from rear coilovers help!
  132. Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold
  133. Door handle broke
  134. RBC Install Trouble
  135. something like rev-limited at 5-6.8k
  136. alternator noise
  137. 05-06 exhaust on Aftermarket b pipe?
  138. Hard Start
  139. No Electricity!!!!!!!!!!!
  140. Slipping/Grinding noise during take off!
  141. help....... solutions?
  142. VTec problem - cut off 4000 rpm
  143. Vibramount doesnt fit
  144. O2 sensor problems
  145. Bought a car that came with a few surprises!!! Good or Bad??
  146. At WOT, RPM sticks around 5k, drops, then picks up
  147. DC5R Steering wheel w/ EP3 Airbag?
  148. Burned 3 quarts of AMSOIL in 2k????
  149. Transmission problems
  150. Greddy Profec B spec 2 install problems
  151. My car dosent start right???
  152. Trunk wont open!?!?
  153. help me!
  154. No sound!?!
  155. 2002 RSX-S Slight sputter when shifting.
  156. P0134 Failed inspection
  157. No headlights and SRS light on
  158. I really really need help!!!!!
  159. Does your transmission do what mine does???
  160. throwout bearing help ;(
  161. Buddyclub RSD dissasembly HELP!!
  162. Oil Pressure Switch Replacement
  163. Is this aspec front fixable??
  164. high rpm's lagging
  165. Looking into buying a used rsx-s. Need your expertise.
  166. trying to rewire my rear turn signals
  167. car is leaning?
  168. help me plz!
  169. Has anyone found a solution to the drivers doors lock wont work with keyless entry?
  170. Noise when pressing clutch
  171. E-brake sticks.gotta push the brake pedal to release?
  172. *need advice! Going in for last service under warranty
  173. Question on warrenty/ engine codes
  174. Need feedback! my car almost got flooded
  175. Your opinion on my 100K maintenance
  176. taking out the tranny
  177. engine/transmission problem
  178. "torque mount"?
  179. Injen CAI problem installation
  180. lighter doesn't work
  181. funny noise coming out of my car
  182. what rear rotors fit on the brembo swap
  183. Pop Sound followed by flat tire sound when braking
  184. 05 rsx check engine
  185. High Idle and Fluctuating Idle. IACV and ECU was already replaced by Dealer?
  186. rough shift pattern
  187. can't turn volume up or down
  188. Transmission
  189. timing belt...
  190. grind/whistle from drivers side/front wheel
  191. Coolant Brand
  192. Clutch or tranny problem??? need help!!!
  193. Help w/ Spark Plug Cover Stud Removal
  194. [boosted] Idle and Rev issues
  195. clutch pedal making noise
  196. cell light need help
  197. 3-3.5k RPM Ratteling & check engine
  198. clunk noise when shifting gears
  199. 09 TSX Owners - HELP :)
  200. Headlight buzzer doesn't work!
  201. Persistent oil leak and no more warranty...
  202. 5th and 6th gear problem
  203. Fix for low hanging OEM exhausts
  204. Coolant Problem...
  205. car is vibrating at certain speed
  206. White smoke
  207. front end collision!!! need replacement advice
  208. My trunk is flooded with water
  209. SRS Light Out of Nowhere - 5 codes
  210. Stuttering at idle
  211. 2k Idle WTFFFF
  212. Need Spark Plugs for 9:1 CR N/A K20A3 w/A2 parts
  213. HELP! bumper clips attack!
  214. I Hate Snow! Exact year later,RSX is messed up..
  215. CEL coming back on
  216. 2/3 innovatives, RH rattlin'
  217. smog problems
  218. About to buy a white 03 S
  219. cf hood question
  220. headlights
  221. Help! What are these?
  222. Questions on RAAMmat
  223. Reflash Problem.. Need Help Bad!
  224. SRS light problem
  225. 4 codes and a bad idle at low RPM
  226. Suspension problem/question with pictures
  227. Exhaust Manifold Gasket
  228. Plastic part that covers radiator hose and protects engine bay from debris
  229. Do i have to buy a whole new harness?
  230. Have to step on gas / throttle to barely start car
  231. Gas gauge stuck on FULL
  232. Need help!
  233. Seafoam CEL
  234. Beating tint meter?
  235. wierd noise?
  236. different actuator?
  237. steering wheel vibration
  238. coilover floating feel
  239. Not an rsx but need help
  240. hatch strut problem!! plz help
  241. ****Front Bumper Problem*****
  242. ***On and Off CEL Light***
  243. installing type IM in base model
  244. what is this part
  245. intake touching radiator hose.
  246. problems after installing sterio
  247. Runnin a k24 swap on rsx with k20 ecu
  248. k20 eating up oil??wtf
  249. Maint. Req'd Light at is the 55k service?
  250. 6 qts normal??