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: Problems & Solutions RSX

  1. A/C fogs windshield up
  2. Help!!! Brain teaser!!! Rear brake lights!!!
  3. 2005-2006 Suspension
  4. Help!!! Brain teaser!!! Rear brake lights!!!
  5. Bolt snaped in half removing lock nut.
  6. aem v2 intake
  7. Car turns on and off while driving.
  8. cluster not lighting up
  9. Paint Spots
  10. yet another brake issue
  11. Shift Linkage Malfunction?
  12. suspension noise
  13. Car won't start; Not a clue what to do next.
  14. Secondary O2 problem
  15. Q about timing chain replacement
  16. k seires vavle cover question
  17. need help asap
  18. My Car Feels Weird
  19. reverse. hard hit popping sound. please look
  20. EDM EP3 bleed clutch system
  21. Aftermarket Suspension Question
  22. Rod knocking engine dies what should I do?
  23. RSX-S vs Civic Si Turning Radius
  24. question about engine bay cleaning
  25. Creak/moan when pressing in clutch and turning left
  26. Looking for rims and tires
  27. Brake creaking/rubbing noise
  28. No power to head unit/no keyless entry
  29. Idles are jumping
  30. Remote Start Trouble
  31. RSX Ride heights
  32. 03 rsx typeS can't pass smog
  33. FAIL: Forgot to put on my oil cap. Any worries?
  34. fucking clutch vs dealership
  35. p1157 and p0135
  36. Do I have to drop the Motor???
  37. rattling noise from liftgate at over 60 mph
  38. Help- Clueless on Car Problem
  39. movment/rocking noise while shifting gears.. transmission mount??
  40. should I replace the serpentine belt?
  41. AEM CAI problem (windshield wiper)
  42. New 2009 WRX ISSUES/No not spun bearing
  43. Throttle Body Issues
  44. DC5:Radio works but no audio?
  45. Body Shop Horror!!!!
  46. Heater won't blow warm air sub 25deg
  47. HELP... Please!!!! Rim Trouble.....
  48. Installed dc race header now car sputters
  49. dcrh got a cel P0155
  50. Fail thread basic question
  51. Evap Canister
  52. A/C blows hot air; radiator fan doesn't spin
  53. bounced off rev limiter, engine light came on, funny noise underhood
  54. about my front license plate!!
  55. i have a vacuum leak n need help identifiying this part
  56. Cant get hood to unlatch/open
  57. Alarm works but no horn noise!
  58. Replace the alternator
  59. Click/Grind/rattle noise
  60. Trouble with front struts and ground control kit.... HElp!
  61. CEL Problem or Factor?
  62. License plate lights??
  63. HID Head lights
  64. What's The Right Tire Air Pressure??
  65. having problems with bc short shifter
  66. Help hazard and turns sigs dont work
  67. changing differential input flange stuck?
  68. SwithBlade Key
  69. Slotted rotors - direction & noise
  70. Electric Problem
  71. ...
  72. blown fuse/ lighting issue. no backlit gauge clusters?? PLEASE HELP!!
  73. ...
  74. anyway to change the sound???????????
  75. Quick Question
  76. !!!! Seibon cf hatch problem
  77. And down she goes...
  78. exhaust tip
  79. A/C Condensor installation question
  80. Expert Opinion Needed: Bent Rod / Acura Care
  81. 02 Base Auto shift level stuck even with key pushed parked in backyard help!
  82. Seat Change ---> SRS LIGHT
  83. light engine noise...
  84. Throw out bearing going bad, but rest of clutch is fine?
  85. Just bought a 2005 RSX
  86. Vtec cutting out, timing knock
  87. 09'er Noobie question about heatsoak and check engine light???
  88. Sensor 1 Malfunction?
  89. removed RECARO DC5 ITR SEATS & put in stock/oem rsx seats but SRS light is still on
  90. Mugen Airbox and RBC clearance issues
  91. question about gears
  92. Driver side rear suspension
  93. Coilover Noise, Is it the norm?
  94. Popping Noise
  95. Laser cut key for rsx
  96. AC Compressor change
  97. Car shaking when
  98. header and cf hood question
  99. Left turn vibration
  100. DEFI CONTROL UNIT POWER UP? where to run power
  101. Heating up.....sometimes?????
  102. Puck Fotholes!
  103. Dome light problem
  104. replacing studs
  105. Idle Drops only when AC on
  106. 3rd Gear problems PLEASE HELP
  107. Front Brake Caliper Pins
  108. Extreme vibration when shifting
  109. O2 sensor codes after exhaust install
  110. factory alarm
  111. Side Air Bags Light
  112. Need help (fast!) Changing OEM Rotors and spindle nut
  113. Rear Seat Rattle - Pivot Point
  114. heat not working?
  115. 1900k idle at start?
  116. Missing ECU
  117. Helpppp!!! after new throttle body install
  118. Need help my rsx in blowing flames
  119. Safe to paint in garage with water heater?
  120. Help with battery!
  121. Acceleration problem
  122. Knock sensor and E-Check
  123. Possible MAP sensor issues
  124. Fuel Injector Swap
  125. power loss when cruising with light throttle
  126. Please Help.....
  127. Noise help..
  128. Power steering pump interchangable?
  129. Steering problem after alignment
  130. Hid help!
  131. KM to Miles ODO conversion
  132. aghhh whats wrong!?
  133. serial # on block?
  134. dash, hu, lights turn on and off HELP
  135. New clutch installed now it grinds going into reverse?
  136. check engine light and a funny sound
  137. Clutch Help!!
  138. PB blaster or wd40
  139. grrrr 3rd gear popping out
  140. 04 rsx type s won't start
  141. Car/engine shakes when turned off!
  142. need help !! rpm swing when i drive with low rpm at 1st gear and secound when engine
  143. Car sounds like jackhammer
  144. vtec not working
  145. what motor is this motor mount for?
  146. battery issue
  147. CD player says "error"
  148. Unlocking perch on coilover without key
  149. Do my Rotors need replacing?
  150. No sound from speakers with new headunit
  151. pls.. help!!! need fast
  152. Revs up and down for a min.
  153. Help: Car stalls only when turning in 2nd gear...
  154. windshield wiper problem
  155. Hondabond on timing chain *accidentally*
  156. removing white residue on Type R valve cover.
  157. whats up with my tranny?????
  158. Rsx too low !!!! Help
  159. Studdering Problem On Acceleration
  160. odd noise or is it all in my head?? PLEASE READ
  161. strange noise from rear right tire
  162. check engine light, uh oh.
  163. Motor mount bolt hole thread is Stripped and Gone. HELP! Need thread sizes-TIMESERT!
  164. A weird noise everytime i shift?
  165. clutch pedal rubber stop.. p/n
  166. changing oil question..
  167. Horn now makes weird noise
  168. Help: Noise coming from new catback
  169. Can someone help out with my car? It keeps dying out of no where! fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  170. P1166 Error Code
  171. updated: went to autozone and pulled codes .. couple questions??
  172. engine knock?! please help! please. scared....
  173. HELP with coilover install
  174. need help fassssst please
  175. can i get this fixed with out kpro
  176. squeaking at 2700 rpms
  177. window adhesive?
  178. No vtec in first gear....pls help...
  179. problem: car won't take gas
  180. intake question
  181. intake problem
  182. HELP how do i remove this part
  183. she wont squirt anymore
  184. Reversing knock
  185. buying new parts
  186. Mobile 1 75W90 used in RSX 6 speed ?
  187. Check engine code P1122, idle fluctation
  188. wont shift into 5th
  189. CEL on and limp mode
  190. Watch out! StrutKing Shift Cable Bushings might need sanding!
  191. p1167 touble code
  192. tranny fun
  193. another CEL/LIMP mode thread, but slightly different
  194. -------
  195. Delete
  196. k & n intake system
  197. Sitting on Blocks
  198. random weird sound shifting
  199. Help Please RSX check engine lights on need help!
  200. need help with cracked wheel please!
  201. HID flashes....
  202. o2 sensor
  203. exhaust sounds muffled after hyrdrolock scare.
  204. help with my error codes
  205. TYPE-S aftermarket stereo installation...
  206. white smoke coming out of engine
  207. Weird Noise, CEL, HELP!!!
  208. ssr header gasket??
  209. mileage sucks after swap
  210. Car won't start!
  211. Replacement 02 sensor and heat shield
  212. need help with this dent repair
  213. Help
  214. dealer told me problem. does this sound right? help
  215. need a little help
  216. Rattle Problem
  217. Gauge cluster pigtails?
  218. rev limiter question
  219. Intake Hose Valve Cover Question ?
  220. Wierd smell
  221. test pipe or race header
  222. Help fuel pump problem
  223. Laziness.. Anyone know the part number?
  224. Quick question
  225. front o2 sensor
  226. rpms rev up
  227. 4th gear grind "normal shifting"
  228. Window Molding Replacement?
  229. motor mounts, etc
  230. Strups Race Header and Angled Defouler
  231. Sorry for another blinking cel thread
  232. DCRH Help!
  233. VTEC Issue
  234. Burning smell
  235. Burnt Foglight Harness
  236. 02 Rsx AUTO slipping at 4k rpm , code p1259
  237. whoa need help!! broke FRONT LCA in half, and lost my lugnut key
  238. RSX-Accord
  239. rh cel
  240. gauge cluster motors
  241. CRAZY NOISE! couldn't find info
  242. low idle
  243. Noise at 2800 rpms
  244. misfire
  245. help! car has smoke!
  246. Help: Horrible Grinding Noise when Braking
  247. [help]something wrong with my hatchback
  248. Need Help Asap sticky clutch!!!
  249. wheel hop while making left turns
  250. Quick question.?????