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  1. Stupid car!!! Help wanted!!!!
  2. funny noises..
  3. Short shifter
  5. How i check PS pump?
  6. Six speed trans on a k20a3?
  7. Problem w/ O2 sensor - do it myself?
  8. Need help on vibrant RH donuts gasket.
  9. Idle issues/car dies
  10. Lower Ball Joint Removal HELP!
  11. Suspension noise?
  12. progress coilover washers?
  13. Again: P0341 AND mph to kph conversion
  14. rattle or squeak at 2100 to 3000 rpm
  15. Name that adhesive
  16. fuel pump not cutting out
  17. Just happened--P0138
  18. Can anyone find me a cheap O2 Sensor?
  19. one side hellaflush? one side hellasunk?
  20. CEL P0420 Troubleshooting Dead End
  21. disable alert when key in ignition with door open..
  22. Keyless Entry Not Functioning Properly
  23. i need help
  24. my car is jerking in when holding the gas down in high gears
  25. Brake light on dash flickers under high acceleration
  26. stripped allen key bolt on perch to adjust on progress coilovers
  27. 1 gear little incident
  28. Terrible noise issue!
  29. 02 Highbeams
  30. Searched but not found answer (ticking/knocking)
  31. Battery light indicator came on
  32. relays
  33. My Batt Fuse keeps Blowing
  34. some noise when releasing and balancing clutch
  35. Idle Air Control
  36. Clicking noise when letting off gas pedal while in gear
  37. 3rd gear hard to get into
  38. CEL: P0128 coolant temperature is below the thermostat regulating temperature
  39. Exhaust setup too Loud
  40. alternator Question
  41. Werid Noise coming from under the steering wheel
  42. tires?
  43. Noise that sounds like the P/S Pump.
  44. Stock Radio Button Gets Stuck
  45. clunking / nocking noice?!
  46. My car shakes when it hits 4 RPM.. When let me go over 4 RMP.!! Please Help!!!!!!!!!
  47. 06 rsx-s randommisfires
  48. Exhaust bolts
  49. Venting Help
  50. Help No heat!
  51. why wont my heat turn on :(
  52. I got a wheel problem
  53. Subframe "Dampener" torn even worth replacing?
  54. Fixed - car started, ran for 10 seconds, then died....
  55. another cai question, odd question tho..
  56. "BOTH" tranny mounts are broken???
  57. 2003 Model RSX Annoying Sounds which make me wanna ditch my ride!
  58. engine misfire
  59. Air Vent Temperature
  60. No vtec only 4,000 rpm !!!!
  61. engine misfire
  62. idle help plz
  63. Transmission issue...Type S won't go into any gears
  64. jumpy speedometer
  65. ticking noise from the engine
  66. Rev Problem
  67. 17x9 +35
  68. abs issue
  69. Drivers Seat wiggles
  70. Please Help
  71. Fog Light Issue
  72. key issue
  73. High Beam problem
  74. rear mount
  75. blowing head light bulbs once a week
  76. How do i remove as much fuel in the tank as possible?
  77. Transmission problems
  78. 03 base rsx odd transmission problem
  79. 02 rsx headlight problem
  80. Loud clicking in back while in/exiting turns
  81. Cmc?
  82. Trunk Issue
  83. Tps sensor at 0% but no cel????? expert needed
  84. Failed Mount?
  85. Transmission noise during shut off. (video)
  86. Unplug AC?
  87. automatic Rsx does not go in drive please help !!!!!!!!!!
  88. Car starts but throws cel and very rough idle! Need help asap!
  89. Car radio stolen, what parts do i need to replace?
  90. can ECU send codes w/o CEL?
  91. CEL Eliminator not Eliminating
  92. dome lights wont go on
  93. Need tranny help
  94. sqeaky clutch
  95. question about shock absorber front bumper
  96. turn signal not working properly
  97. 06 Passenger Side Air Bag Dash Rattle Noise
  98. IACV problem
  99. Type s stereo problem
  100. Radiator Pressure.
  101. ...................delete this
  102. autozone head gaskets???
  103. Rear shock problem!
  104. 05 type s right head light adjustment problem.
  105. New buzzing sound that increases in loudness from (30-60mph, 50-100kph)
  106. need help car wont start
  107. Car is stalling
  108. 2004 problem clutch
  109. Fans don't work at all...
  110. HID fog lights, can't get to fire up
  111. no interior lights working
  112. Ran out of gas for the first time
  113. Check engine light?
  114. Ticking/rumbling noise coming from under the shifter
  115. Buzz/rattle when Vtec kicks in! *help plz!*
  116. Stupid question. I can't get my tamperproof air caps off
  117. HELP!! Srs light comes back after reset
  118. Engine smell/smoke (solved)
  119. Power loss/lag at 5k
  120. Starting Issues PLease Help!!!
  121. Rattling after RH, exhaust install
  122. What kind of side skirt is this??
  123. please help!!!
  124. engine timing?
  125. might be my mounts
  126. turbo clamp help
  127. Sketchy Idle
  128. one foglight out!
  129. Passenger Door Hanging Low
  130. k24 head
  131. O2 sensor
  132. Whining when accerlerating and decelerating.
  133. Throttle Body Bore Scored
  134. hydrolocked
  135. Won't leave 2nd gear?
  136. what parts should i rebuild or replace tune up after 100,000 miles
  137. Reverse lockout solinoid type s with kpro pnd ecu
  138. Idle Problems
  139. Steering feels like crap
  140. 02 RSX base Please help have a ?
  141. headliner spots
  142. help taking out hid to stock light
  143. interior fuse box problem
  144. Seriously help. I'm going to drive my car in to a tree.
  145. Fender lining problems!!!!
  146. Exhaust Manifold Donut Gasket PN?
  147. car struggling to start
  148. Smog problems
  149. Possible Clutch/Shifting Issue - Any idea what's wrong here??????
  150. Problem with 2nd
  151. Help please- missing factory stereo bracket...
  152. 02 RSX Base eating tooooo much gas :(
  153. Does this mean i need a need transmission?
  154. starting problem
  155. Problems with first and second
  156. engine problem..
  157. Help with Tranny
  158. 6 disc CD player diagram
  159. Transmission Advice.
  160. sharp turn causes grinding..
  161. clunking noise when i change gears
  162. SOLVED - Compression Test Problems
  163. Rumbling at 2K RPMs
  164. Pioneer Z120BT Bluetooth Noise problem
  165. hummin noise when accelerating
  166. Yellow vinyl wrap coming off from my fogs
  167. headlight problem after blackout
  168. Shifting issues, not sure if its associated 2 the usual problem RSX owners experience
  169. I had an issue with my car yesterday and wondering if it has ever happen to any one
  170. Cannot get rear rotor off to save my life
  171. p1166 code help please?????
  172. transmission
  173. winter is here, but my winter beater wont start
  174. Constant clunking when coasting/turning right?
  175. What to seal headlights with?
  176. shaking problem
  177. i need new exhaust
  178. Power Steering Hose Split
  179. Help!!! 2004 RSX Type-S higher fuel consumption and rubbing noise
  180. JDM with USDM compatability
  181. VTEC faded???
  182. 2003 Acura RSX Heater / AC Wiring Harness
  183. Last of my problems?
  184. engine temp sensor help!!
  185. how maintain a 200,000 engine
  186. cam sensors. HELP!
  187. Turn Signal issue
  188. new guy here and need some help
  189. Ran over a lightpole... dripping oil
  190. power steering fluid
  191. tranny swap 6speed to 5speed
  192. Secondary O2 RH flex pipe and Catback got ripped off help!
  193. Car won't start, Kpro?
  194. 02-04 rsx-s with a prc ecu? what to do to make it work?
  195. IAT sensor plug
  196. K20a2 In base
  197. Weird Idle After Releasing Throttle cleaned IACV
  198. 02 RSX Catback Question...
  199. Need advice Water Damage
  200. New to the game.
  201. burned cd's don't play??
  202. skunk2 lower control arm does not fit
  203. Wrong Battery Terminals
  204. Fans and Climate Controls wont work.
  205. Tail Light Problem
  206. No More VTec O.o
  207. K20z3 starter motor in '06 RSX Type S?
  208. Battery drain overnight
  209. Lower Ride Height on stock Suspension?
  210. P0134 & P0420 Engine Codes
  211. Won't drive in any gear - stuck in neutral
  212. Progress (Front Sway bar brushing bracket)
  213. New Member?
  214. AEM V2 IAT sensor?
  215. Help! Check Engine Light / Engine Code Problems.
  216. Is this part replaceable
  217. Fuel pump sock.
  218. Another p0171 and p1122 problem
  219. A/C Idle problem(video)
  220. Bose sub
  221. Putting stock intake back in...
  222. iacv problem?
  223. Skunk2 Lowering spring on stock suspension possible?
  224. (SAFE ?)
  225. Need to order Clutch and Flywheel ASAP
  226. Rusty/Corroded Engine Components
  227. Abused RSX-S .. Is there Hope ?
  228. Wheel hop
  229. need help asap with the spark plug seal
  230. can i use stock flywheel with Exedy OEM Replacement Clutch?
  231. KNOCK sensor please help!!
  232. What would cause this????
  233. missing vtec oil pressure switch please help!!!
  234. 4th gear grind
  235. hondata kpro
  236. Pins from primary 02 Sensor came off of gray plug
  237. Need Help with o2 sensor
  238. engine hesitation
  239. washer bottle line's help
  240. screech sound
  241. Back seat broken
  242. Help! Heat goes in and out.
  243. Strange throttle response after sitting for a while (Datalog inside)
  244. Rim question
  245. Anyone with 05-06 Type-S issues in shifting when cold
  246. Side Lights
  247. Suspension and my rims
  248. 2nd gear grind
  249. Burning Rubber Smell
  250. power locks and remote wont work