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: Problems & Solutions RSX

  1. base auto coverted into type s with base block
  2. Annoying wiper skipping
  3. funky noise coming from da carro,help?(vid included)
  4. Question bout trans
  5. a/c blower not working!!! QUICK HELP PLZ
  6. Knock Sensor
  7. badges and door sills
  8. Wheel shaking
  9. Rear Emblem Grommets
  10. Fuel/Gas Gauge
  11. HELP: Removing Engine got stuck, on CV axles and rings..
  12. honda badge front bumper
  13. car wont crank after rbc and kpro install
  14. Walbro 255 Issues
  15. car cranks a little but doesnt start.
  16. 3 cel codes at once?
  17. Spark plug analysis, please help.
  18. Need a little help!
  19. k24a2 help!
  20. Permanant limp mode and plenty of CELs
  21. exhaust ticking
  22. New motor cold start problems..need help
  23. Rpms fly up toward redline on start up
  24. Problem: Axle boot/ shaft boot ripped PICS HELP!
  25. p0341 (cam position sensor) code help
  26. Weird engine sound
  27. water leaking through passenger speaker
  28. front end bang. strut video inside
  29. PLEASE HELP!!! Did dash change and now my blinkers dont work
  30. Hood?
  31. WTF just happened
  32. Installed crsx header now many problems..
  33. Dash
  34. Blinkers, Hazzards, Stereo, Remote lock/unlock, All dead
  35. Back driver seatbelt locked up all others are fine?
  36. Input for tps sensor manufacture
  37. front end/brake HELP
  38. Is this mount torn?
  39. my car shakes alot
  40. Hate my life... Please help
  41. Intake fitment
  42. **Problems after installing IM and TB on 06 Base**
  43. Need help on finding parts for replacement
  44. Skunk2 manifold issues after install.
  45. highbeam/city light wiring. help!
  46. Question about Stock Wheel
  47. Just bought a k24a2 What Do i need to Replace before i swap it in
  48. Engine Swap problems... Please Help
  49. JDM Type R Start Button?
  50. Another RBC issue
  51. Brake anti seize compound for spark plugs?
  52. Help with check fuel cap message.
  53. Worst day ever, please help
  54. Car doesn't idle and just turns off
  55. 02 type s issue help plz
  56. Creaking sound when i turn my steering wheel!!! Please help!!!
  57. JVC stereo turns on but doesn't play.
  58. Anything wrong with these spark plugs?
  59. ** scraping noise coming from the front of my 2002 acura rsx **
  60. Please help........Can no cat cause miss firing?
  61. Bouncing RPMs at Idle.
  62. help!!! engine mounts
  63. loud knocking in engine of my rsx
  64. V-tec not hitting?
  65. '06 ECU and modifications
  66. touble with emission code P1166
  67. Broken hood latch.
  68. RBC Problem...
  69. Insurance Question? Please read, prob not what you think.
  70. issue with having no catalytic converter
  71. 220 000 km maintenance?
  72. Transmission, Hard to get into gears in high RPM's
  73. Have to make an intake... which filter
  74. Whats this part called????(Vacuum)
  75. S2000 Push Start
  76. Car lags when you hit the accel. NEED HELP!
  77. Exhaust Tuck Help
  78. [CEL] Race Header kills O2?
  79. Problem or Not?
  80. does your car do this? 500 rpm at stop (VIDEO)
  81. wtb new rotors but dont know which one
  82. I smart jumped my car and my Automatic window isn't working
  83. clutch question
  84. Car Sputtering, Bad plug?
  85. Debadged to find paint bumps
  86. Need tranny TSB
  87. Idle issue, HELP!
  88. Unstable driving
  89. B Series Disappearing Oil w/ Pictures
  90. Brake Bleeding Problem
  91. ,,,,,,,,
  92. overrev lawsuit against acura
  93. car has trouble starting
  94. handbrake keeps jamming
  95. turn signal problem!
  96. failed emission need help
  97. SRS after gauge swap?
  98. Rethread Axle/Spindle Stud
  99. axle problems
  100. Motor Mounts!!
  101. My steering makes a hiss noise when turning
  102. 3rd gear grind... help!?
  103. uninstalling fogs
  104. Racing Greddy Ti-C Removing Silencer
  105. Something is missing on my steering wheel
  106. clutch smell?
  107. Car alarm Problem
  108. Installed type s intake manifold on 02 base model now having problems
  109. DRLs/High Beams Mis-aligned
  110. nasty wheel hop
  111. clutch
  112. Time for a new O2 Sensor
  113. axle wont sit all the way into hub
  114. Somebody help me!!
  115. Water intrusion EVERYWHERE
  116. need help asap.. i got 6 check engine lights
  117. odd coasting without giving it gas
  118. Windows stuck....
  119. Transmitter won't lock and radio shut off
  120. srs dtc code 1-1 help
  121. Delete.
  122. 02'RSX with HID and Electrical Issue (HELP!)
  123. SRS light won't turn off!
  124. C.e.l is on how do i take it off
  125. hot it
  126. Oil leak please help
  127. need help with brake fluid please.
  128. need fix window sprayer
  129. Common RSX problems (all years)
  130. Low Clutch Pedel
  131. Non Fouler question
  132. is it normal for the whole stryt assenbly to turn w/ the wheel?
  133. Throttle body Issue - Please Help!!!
  134. question/ plz help
  135. Bad Motor Mount?? PICS
  136. Knock Sensor problem still...
  137. Is it the clutch or the transmission? Please help
  138. where is the FLASHER RELAY?
  139. Want Type S, wondering about reliability
  140. Water leaking inside on floor/passenger side
  141. HID Installation
  142. checking timing chain?
  143. BC N+ Problem
  144. car vibrates at 1.5k RPM
  145. Need help with rollers and cams
  146. Cigarette lighter HELP!
  147. Exhaust?
  148. replaced both o2 sensors and still getting cel
  149. CEL!!! help -.-
  150. Car wont move! Help!
  151. Side Mirror Bulb question..
  152. other than k pro
  153. Help: Secondary O2 Sensor
  154. help radiatoor fans and condencer fans wont work!!
  155. cel coming on and off
  156. quickk question
  157. WTF is this noise?! It's scaring away the girls!
  158. loud pop from header/cat
  159. Water leak coming from drive side door
  160. Wheel Spacer Size???
  161. Primary or Secondary O2?
  162. passenger window moulding
  163. Car Wont Start
  164. Garages dont bother even looking for the issue.
  165. Help with o2 sensor
  166. car wont go in gear
  167. Engine chatter (please help)
  168. 2 fog light questions
  169. flywheel question
  170. wheel/tire size help
  171. Need help 2nd gear issue
  172. fog lights not working
  173. 89 Mid-Grade Octane
  174. Car Starting Problem
  175. running problem, probably simple but need help.
  176. Failed Inspection - No CEL?
  177. New engine New Problems, car wont start
  178. Torn intermediate shaft...bushing
  179. Steering wheel leather?
  180. brake caliper issue?
  181. Hit a curb, and now some complications.. obviously
  182. Need Fog lights ?
  183. how do I make RSX ride like new?
  184. HID Issues (I Need Help!)
  185. do i have to buy a new throttle body for a new intake manifold?
  186. Decal Issue
  187. HID Changes Colors
  188. Need some help here spark
  189. New Starter. New Problems!!
  190. shifting problems
  191. Need a Solution
  192. Gauge Problem
  193. '04 RSX hood spray issues
  194. weird issue !!!!!!
  195. help Engine bad Idle and Acceleration FML
  196. Fog light wiring has Parking lights on all times.
  197. Odd clutch Issue
  198. Retro-Solutions Time Delay Relay Doesn't Work
  199. Car is laggy 1-4k rpms, After seafoam?
  200. is the car remote good??
  201. random: S2000 interior chirping noise (video)
  202. Weird rust spots on rotors that won't go away!
  203. Cam sensor?
  204. squeaky noise
  205. High idle and "jumpy" idle
  206. Sudden RPM drop when foot off gas pedal
  207. help with aftermarket stereo
  208. vtec problem n sensor
  209. Clutch Blew up!!! any ideas?!
  210. **a/c low side line replacement**
  211. need new ball joint
  212. K20A2 into 2006 RSX Type-S
  213. JDM Tail Lights?
  214. Spark plug threads on k20z1
  215. new door wont lock
  216. RSX Type-S Engine Removal
  217. Decklid
  218. Major problem. Need help. Wheel hub/axle problem.
  219. jerking while in gear, help!
  220. Bass on when it shouldn't be.
  221. Bumper Scratched Pretty Deep x_X
  222. SRS light came on?
  223. Cam Health?
  224. ITR knob on sideways
  225. Fitment issue?
  226. Fan switch removal
  227. Idle too high
  228. Rear bumper popped out on drivers side
  229. B series TB on a RSX Is it better with no IACV or with it
  230. Defi gauge Wireup
  231. o2 sensor po134 code on off for over a year.
  232. brake question
  233. Broken valve cover stud
  234. RSX brake mystery
  235. ignition troubles!!!!
  236. pins in flywheel
  237. hissing noise! help!
  238. Is this a afermarket part?
  239. HELP!! Car running rough in 1-3k Rpm, oil in manifold
  240. Small lights and Speedometer are not working..Fuse blown??
  241. Loose drain plug?
  242. Water Intrusion (passenger side)
  243. electrical short???
  244. Clutch Issue
  245. Engine Knock after 2,500 RPM
  246. need help with heater!!!!!!!!
  247. clutch Engagement point
  248. Speedometer issue! 05 Engine trans ECU in 02
  249. srs reel..
  250. RSX driver side headlight out