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: Problems & Solutions RSX

  1. Delete.
  2. header leak noise?
  3. window motor issue
  4. K-Pro & Emissions
  5. Backlight stopped working behind ONE knob on the dash - related to repair work?
  6. Heater Control Panel Problem
  7. Dcrh and crsx cel eliminator
  8. low idle then die
  9. Oil leak under car PROBLEM SOLVED!!!
  10. Help, interior strong smell of GAS!
  11. dc header exhaust leak...need to find donut gasket
  12. key for lug nuts doesn't work! where can find one?
  13. RPM's Hanging at Idle
  14. serpentine belt and best break mid priced pads
  15. DC2 short shifter installation - tore dust boot
  16. Please help me!! Having problems with my K20a2 motor :(
  17. Transmission part estimate
  18. rear strut creaking sound
  19. Keyless Entry/Alarm Question
  20. car bogging!!???
  21. tranny
  22. emergency situation involving starters
  23. TPS Help!
  24. Limp mode or..?
  25. Door actuator replacement help
  26. racing with no sway?
  27. CEL went on and off?
  28. cyl 3 missfire
  29. Immense amount of smoke from exhaust after IACV cleaning.
  30. Is this a legit mugen bars
  31. Clutch and steering
  32. New engine as cheap as possible
  33. oscillating idle rpm suggestions??
  34. Removing Air Conditioning Face Plate??
  35. Side markers dont flash in sync with turn signal..
  36. ripped on it then car cut out
  37. In a Pickle, please help- turbo banjo
  38. Help with code P0134
  39. Delete
  40. shipping an exhaust
  41. throttle body senser is bad
  42. ABS wiring HELP!!!
  43. White Smoke
  44. Need advice ASAP!-rear suspension
  45. crack in exhaust pipe
  46. ecu reflash with headers & oem o2 sensors
  47. A/C Fans stuck on high, do not turn off.
  48. A/C in k-swapped 2002 civic?
  49. how to tell if they put full synthetic in your car
  50. please help me and tell me what this is...
  51. Car Wont start after clutch install
  52. Suggestions for broken bumper tabs?
  53. PLEASE HELP......k20z3 tranny onto a k20z1??
  54. Misfire fault
  55. Skunk2 Shift Knob with CRSX shift boot adapter!!
  56. Broken tranny, tranny swap, Need Help
  57. P0137 and P0137-P but no cat..
  58. TPS cuts out in full throttle
  59. CEL Evap. system
  60. Suggestions on alternator
  61. cut wiring in counsol help on the wire code
  62. I think i got ripped off i need help
  63. Opinions or suggestions on steering wheel.
  64. Starter Issue (Grinding)
  65. Valve Cover Issue! Need help ASAP!
  66. Car revving by itself! HELP!!
  67. Weird Noise when 4k+
  68. multiple codes
  69. Hood latch mechanism giving me problems
  70. sluggish rsx typeS
  71. A/c controls/shifter knob lights not illuminating
  72. 2005 Type-s Motor Mount
  73. I'm thinking about getting this car but had a question, help me please.
  74. battery light still on after alternator install
  75. Front strut tower bar fitment issue
  76. spun bearing caused by bad ecu??
  77. 03 Type-S Throttle Response Problem
  78. help me please ><!!!
  79. Looks like bad or stuck rings...any miracle advice?
  80. Idle Issues?
  81. Really Strong Smell and Bad Fuel Economy
  82. need 2 know!
  83. 3rd gear problems
  84. deleted
  85. Suspension H&R
  86. Windshield cowl issue
  87. 02-04 Tail Light problem
  88. Electrical short problem
  89. Oil/Tranmission drain plug same for auto/manual?
  90. I need help!!!
  91. oil pump - k24a2 vs k20a2
  92. P1166 and p1167
  93. IMG help asap
  94. Knocking sound when in gear
  95. Injector broke off into motor
  96. speed sensor
  97. Car turns over but will not start
  98. Starts, bogs, dies... relay problem?
  99. New brakes no pressure
  100. CEL is on code P0128 and P0171
  101. K24 header?
  102. Keyless entry Fob keeps restarting itself
  103. check engine light
  104. left rear suspension issue?
  105. I need help what is the name of this part??
  106. In the middle of an install, quick question!
  107. CEL code P0685
  108. compatibility question: steering rack?
  109. Tachometer issue
  110. car wont start right away
  111. Wiring for Fog Lights
  112. oxygen sensor question
  113. 02-04 to 05-06 seat swap
  114. p0661 engine light
  115. OEM flywheel on competition clutch ??
  116. Rattling Sound Between 4-6k
  117. Removing rear sway bar end links issue.
  118. Over-revving the engine??
  119. Pgm relay wire snapped!!!
  120. Got 2 questions that need answers bad!
  121. "skipping/missing noise" from engine.. k20z1
  122. heater blower problems
  123. 4th gear scare
  124. 05 RSX Type S Ebrake/Parking brake question?
  125. Timing chain slap on startup?
  126. Need help with some wheel shaking
  127. Hood latch issue? Hood is not closing correctly
  128. need help with heater/AC fan problem...
  129. quick question about starter
  130. Bulb under radio
  131. Radiator cracking twice! Help
  132. Clutch pedal adjustment problems
  133. Dashboard light and parking lights disappeared?..
  134. vaccum line question on rbc
  135. rsx automatic transmission problems
  136. 02 sensor codes p1166 and p1167 HELP
  137. hussing noise around 2900-3200 rpm?
  138. PLEASE HELP! transmission will only go into 2,4,6, and Reverse!
  139. Hydraulic problems
  140. transmission wont go into 1st or 2nd
  141. power steering problem
  142. Weird Shaking...Bent Axle?
  143. Help! ITR Wheels/Spacers ARP Extended Studs
  144. Do I have the right mounts? Help me with OEM part numbers?
  145. Cold Start Grinding - Video Available
  146. Turn Signals/Hazard not working
  147. lower control arm issue with aftermarket exhaust
  148. Need hellpp asapp plzz
  149. K20a3 Build with K20a2 cams
  150. ceramic DCRH leak
  151. wheel noise
  152. need help with starter
  153. Remote won't program
  154. 02 rsx rpm issues
  155. Exhaust burning rear lip
  156. Turbo problem
  157. Attention to anyone replacing their power steering pump!!
  158. rsx trany sudden oil leak
  159. Creeking/rattling on passenger side trunk
  160. 2 cylinders not firing....
  161. Is this my cat?
  162. Humming noise in lower gear, any help?
  163. Soft but functional clutch pedal - diagnosis help?
  164. HELP - Can't get transmission FILL plug out, but fluid already drained out
  165. twisted lugnut
  166. cell with,WITH defouler
  167. Hesitation after reflash....yes I searched..
  168. lost my key, what to do ?
  169. JDM exhaust? problem
  170. how to take the bolts off
  171. Replacing Steering Rack Boot
  172. Bad Starter or Alternator? HELP!
  173. Tps voltage ofl at wot
  174. Heater question
  175. 02 RSX driver, passenger, hatch locks failed together
  176. Clutch Problem (pressure)
  177. Alternate Fender Liner... Please Help
  178. searched everywhere no luck
  179. Valve cover puffing out smoke....
  180. Missfire codes for emissions test help
  181. 6th gear issues
  182. 06 rsx base poor throttle response (or hesitation) car falls on face
  183. fuel filter/pump help
  184. 05 type s making weird noise please help
  185. AC Compressor Clutch Question
  186. Front passenger seat leak w pic
  187. AC went out...AGAIN
  188. Just a simple question about sunroof visor
  189. Door Latch Cable Snapped - Need Latch Assy. Too?
  190. Hey everyone Just bought rsx!
  191. Is this bumper repairable????
  192. ECU question
  193. P0141, sensor changed, 2002 Base auto
  194. help! exhaust install
  195. Driver Side Window Issue ....???
  196. cant get into 1st gear or anygear on complete stop
  197. type s transmission problem (video inside)
  198. Passenger side spindle nut....WTTFFF
  199. Tire Wear Problem
  200. S2k ap2 Cluster install help.
  201. 'Engine whine' through speakers, Pics included
  202. simple question ... im a rookie dont make fun of me
  203. crsx header & o2 sensor problem!
  204. Brake caliper bolt stripped
  205. Front Side Marker Light Replacement
  206. Bad vibration under acceleration
  207. I need help installing ITR replica sideskirts.
  208. Weird!!!
  209. Valve Cover problem
  210. Need Help badly...exhaust gases found in coolant
  211. Coolant Reservoir Tank leak
  212. Please help, low rpm fuel cut
  213. auto off stop problem
  214. Input shaft bearing oil seal
  215. Need to find installation instructions for PSPEC Short Shifter
  216. Swapped 04 type-s seats for 06 type-s. SRS light won't turn off?
  217. CEL Problem
  218. FOB-actuator-receiver issue?
  219. serpentine fitment over the last pully
  220. _____PLEASE HELP____ p0171
  221. Takata 4 Point Install suggestions (long version)
  222. Knocking sound when in gear and moving
  223. Please help
  224. 02 rsx AC button
  225. Civic Si LSD ?
  226. Weird noises and feedback
  227. Delete.
  228. need help oil pan removal
  229. Shaking noise while drive (Not in Rain)
  230. LED tail light
  231. my car seems to choke! HELP PLEASE
  232. Water pump replacement?
  233. Please help quick! Brake piston boot.
  234. Help!! Car broken into, many problems.
  235. 02-04 type s/ 2010 k20z3 swap NEED HELP!!
  236. Found this after taking my engine cover off. Has me worried!
  237. K-tuned shifter arm
  238. Spoiler delete!
  239. Smashed rear bumper, damaged front bumper
  240. Delete
  241. Too much Oil
  242. Passenger Seat Problem
  243. Hasport Drivers Mount
  244. help plz!!!! leaking oil really bad pics inside!!!
  245. replaced cmc + csc now problem
  246. Starter problems
  247. Broken/bad IACV
  248. Cruise Control Not Working
  249. compression test
  250. brake fluid reservoir Gasket