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: Problems & Solutions RSX

  1. Factory car alarm randomly going off
  2. Idle control
  3. Diy amp
  4. spark plug gapping
  5. cel light
  6. Weird squeal when just pressing the throttle.
  7. Dose anybody have the software to program a key to an 2006 rsx type s
  8. progress sway bar problem
  9. greddy manifold question
  10. idle stumbles, dies after swapping PRB back to stock
  11. Brake set screws
  12. Vibrations under hard acceleration/axle question
  13. what could this be??
  14. P0341, K20A3, runs fine?
  15. CAI on rbc manifold
  16. Oil Pressure light
  17. Whining/Whistling Noise In 6th Gear *Only On Throttle*
  18. new OEM clutch shudder/chatter
  19. How do you activate the OBD
  20. Need info on screw size for rear view mirror
  21. "Passenger Air Bag" lamp indicator
  22. changing hid light
  23. sunroof slap
  24. horn doesn't work.....
  25. What the heck is this sound? (youtube link)
  26. K24 swap over heating issue????
  27. NEED help with FF2 Problem
  29. Choking problem
  30. VTEC solenoid gasket
  31. Coolant Leaking =/
  32. Sub don't work
  33. Replacing head gasket
  34. Voltage gauge fluctuates between 12-14v
  35. Driver door lock screwed
  36. wheel bearing stiff after replacement
  37. Output converter to hook subs up to stock HU
  38. Tire Sizes
  39. A/C didn't blow cold air when idle
  40. A/C didn't blow cold air when idle
  41. Odd suspension noise
  42. Please someone help need answers
  43. Cusco B-pillar bars Help please
  44. RSX W/ Electric Power Steering Problem (Short?)
  45. Drivers side window
  46. rear Bumper Spacers
  47. Scraping noise coming from rear drivers side.
  48. NRG short hub help
  49. flat tire issue?
  50. how much to fix a fendor dent, who someone purposely hit.?
  51. Random rev's :/
  52. Knocking noise in exhaust
  53. Would i be able to pass smog?
  54. Steering Wheel Repair Idea - Torn Up Leather
  55. too much air,, A/F problem?
  56. How much coolant should I buy?
  57. Radiator Problem/Leak
  58. Timing Chain jumped a tooth?
  59. subtle squeak at low speeds when load shifts
  60. Need help asap!!!
  61. Pulling to the right.
  62. Need some Help with my 3rd gear
  63. Transmission rebuild questions
  64. 06 Type s Passenger side window wont go down from driver side
  65. Heater pipe removal
  66. strange screeching coming from clutch?
  67. no vtec untill 3rd gear
  68. P0135 error code for 2004 base rsx
  69. Need help w/ reverse tranning plug
  70. I think I have stripped nuts on valve cover?
  71. Vent squick in dash
  72. High pitch whine during first 3 gears
  73. a/c repair estimate
  74. oscialtion problem
  75. A/C comes on when windshied defrost selected
  76. Timing Chain, Bogging, idel issue
  77. stalling out! ideas?
  78. engine problem at 86mph
  79. Front bumper crack
  80. Rear caliper mounting bolt size( 2 bolts)
  81. Passenger mount bracket
  82. Transmission not disengaging
  83. when istal.throwout bearing
  84. motor mount alignment issue
  85. Strange fuel gauge & gas tank issue
  86. Rolling stop in neutral
  87. throwout bearing problem
  88. Question...?
  89. Part hanging loose under my rsx
  90. Intermittent Idle Surge
  91. Car won' start! fuel issue?
  92. SRS light on - no codes
  93. A/C Issue
  94. rear main seal install?
  95. vibration/shaking at 70 kmh
  96. car wont crank. Nothing at all
  97. Closed
  98. Type S crank not spinning freely-Random stall-No start. Please Help!
  99. Clicking noise from driver side suspension area
  100. First post, full of problems, HELP!
  101. passenger side axle popping out support bracket holes stripped
  102. Problems shifting into gear
  103. Engine won't idle at all !!
  104. car doesnt start(first time using k-pro)
  105. Flex pip on headers rip, HELP
  106. Weird idle
  107. weird clicking sound when downshifting
  108. P0134 --- i have a leak before cat ...
  109. clutch Peadel dies on right turns?
  110. What is this sensor called?!
  111. is this the offset (rota boosts)
  112. Car won't start, clicking noise and weak battery
  113. Any fix on this?
  114. please help car wont click or start
  115. Pump seal fuel leak
  116. Help very urgent - trans or clutch or bearing
  117. subs sound before music starts to play
  118. rear glass shattered with wiper delete?
  119. squeaking from the rear...
  120. forgot snap ring on wheel bearing
  121. rear windshield wiper blade
  122. Electrical Issues?
  123. just bought an rsx s
  124. Clicking Noise When I Tuen My Steering Wheel
  125. Alignment
  126. Start-up Problem:(
  127. Creaking Sunvisor Noise?
  128. Radiator Fan Not Working
  129. airbag problem
  130. Strange lighting issue.
  131. Broken Fuel Rail Piece IDK WHAT IS IS !
  132. Fog Lights
  133. Steering wheel creek
  134. Acutuator Question
  135. All 4 cylinder misfires!! What the bitch!?
  136. Why are my new coilovers making this noise?
  137. 2002 rsx type s, suddenly radio, power door locks and key fob won't work...any ideas
  138. Air Conditioning has been out of 2 years. Time to fix it!
  139. 3m adhesive glue REMOVAL HELP!!
  140. Swap K20 type R in to RSX(base)
  141. swap k20a type r in rsx base
  142. Need a mechanic for a tensioner job!!! street or certified
  143. Change box
  144. OBD2 not scanning!! please help
  145. HELP engine dying power loss
  146. Car toe alignment
  147. P1259 Code Base rsx
  148. Rear brake piston popped out
  149. Stripped Screws!
  150. 05 rsx type s starting issue HELP!!!!!
  151. "D" Drive light flashing? WTF
  152. Hazard/turn signal relay
  153. My ABS just came on today. What to do?
  154. Popping sound when turning (after my lowering springs install)
  155. Replaced clutch, now car dosent move when in gear ! Need help !
  156. Battery died, Car won't start now!! HELP
  157. CAI clipped hose? Help!
  158. car has power but wont start
  159. engine swap help!!!
  160. Can't find my HID replacements
  161. *Please Delete* Found Problem....
  162. Shipping a Type-R Spoiler?
  163. Retrosolutions HID relay amp question.
  164. Really Rough Ride
  165. Replaced 02 sensor and car lags
  166. Metal rattling @4 rpm
  167. A/C problems - especially on hot days
  168. yo speedometer fuked
  169. Torque damper bracket lost
  170. P/S and AC removed
  171. p0498 Please help
  172. HI Idle after new intake and throttle body Help!!!!!!!
  173. Issue with 4th gear
  174. ABS light still on after Rotor and break change.
  175. Suspension problem??
  176. DDM tuning HID H1 bulb doesn't fit?
  177. Strange Experience w/ tranny fluid
  178. Cost of TCT replacement
  179. Rsx Type R wing does not fit?
  180. First and second gear difficult to engage
  181. Rsx Oil Suggestion.
  182. Rsx Oil Suggestion.
  183. Right front tire folded outward from top of tire
  184. Hi Club Rsx. I am new to this forum and I need some help !
  185. Radio static issue!
  186. Does O2 Sensor have to be replaced?
  187. Is my clutch slipping??
  188. car feeling sluggish
  189. Glove box is fu**ing jammed
  190. needing a/c info plz
  191. 02 rsx type s valve train issues need advice
  192. Seat belt and airbag help
  193. Bunch of problems need help!!
  194. Random stall
  195. HIDs different color
  196. Running...warmer ? -_-
  197. crashed my car looking for advice
  198. '02 RSX Type-S: O2 Sensor, Clutch, Cruise Control, and Cold Start Issues.
  199. Quick question
  200. A serious Vibration issue with something during rainfall
  201. Urgent clutch/transmission problem
  202. Whats wrong with my transmission??
  203. front bumper
  204. Engine takes a while to start sometimes?
  205. Engaged clutch, pop, won't go into gear. Help please.
  206. Click Noise near ABS/Valve Cover
  207. vibration/shudder when shutting off car
  208. ECU question for a pro, plz HELP!!
  209. press clutch and car stalls please help
  210. Dome light and backup lights dont work.
  211. Acceleration Cable Broke
  212. god damn tps voltage
  213. Need help with tps
  214. Help ac line crack!
  215. airbag light on
  216. new stage 2 clutch
  217. Cannot get into any gear, Clutch chatter when in gear.
  218. rsx
  219. Fan blows when I start my car?
  220. got a quote on getting my A/C fixed on parts and labor, does this sound right?
  221. how do i remove the rubberized door thing?
  222. Stock Bose faceplate issue
  223. slid into a curb now my wheel is bent in....
  224. SEIBON Carbon Fiber Hood MG Style Install
  225. Need Help! Cat heat shield causes array of problems...
  226. Key Problems please help !!
  227. Question on rsx trunks
  228. Wheel hop.
  229. ABS - VSA - /_!_\ lights are on
  230. cotter pin size for tie-rod bolt
  231. need help quieting down my exhaust
  232. annoying noise like PS pump is bad
  233. Blocking of IACV hole with finger
  234. Gutting catalytic converter
  235. My Passenger side Window doesn't go up or down.
  236. Speedometer Problems
  237. Problem with Ignition: Accessory 1 doesn't work!
  238. buying rsx type S title issue??...
  239. Location of Fuel Pump
  240. HELP! Idle Issue!
  241. greddy exhaust issue
  242. Help!!!!!
  243. help installing headunit
  244. Help about my engine.
  245. Replaced clutch, alignment question
  246. Unexpectedly good gas mileage? (first world problem...)
  247. Clutch disengaging problem (first gear and reverse)
  248. Clutch disengaging problem (first gear and reverse)
  249. CEL:Code p0172
  250. trunk latch