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  1. New at this
  2. Is my motor mount broken?
  3. Rex type s water pump doesn't fit
  4. 05-06 Conversion fitment issue!!
  5. Help: Unidentified k24 motor leak ?
  6. Front Motor Mount DIY?
  7. replaced control arm, tire still bent in?
  8. cracked side view mirror
  9. Help - squealing noise with low idle or switching gears
  10. Help - squealing noise with low idle or switching gears
  11. Manual Trans Fluid, Coolant, Brake Fluid, Power steering, Motor Oil.
  12. how do i enable the PM option
  13. Passenger window HELP !!!!!
  14. license plate lights missing
  15. Brake Issue (non-rsx but doesn't matter)
  16. Truck latch/actuator: Possible to clean?
  17. primary o2 sensor connector (header fell off while driving) LOL
  18. Weekend front clip re paint
  19. Shaking steering wheel at higher speeds
  20. Car Was Stolen - Bringing it Back!
  21. 2005 type S nostart/p1009 fault
  22. Car doesn't start 02 type S
  23. power locks dont work?
  24. The stalling mystery! weird o_O
  25. horn doesnt work
  26. Puzzled by reflash
  27. Low compression reading (Need Help/hesitation with acc)
  28. 2004 rsx base
  29. Knock Knock
  30. Bolt from front LCA keeps coming off.
  31. Droning inside the cabin
  32. 06 RSX-TypeS Cant rev Past 5600 rpms.. Help!!
  33. steam-like odor emitting from muffler region
  34. Ac question
  35. How to remove center console?
  36. delete
  37. Clutch problems..
  38. rear bumper dont fit well after 05-06 conversion... :( (PROBLEM SOLVED!)
  39. Timing Chain Cover
  40. Oil Cooler adapter
  41. Rough idle and rough acceleration 02 RSX-s
  42. Wobbly/bouncy acceleration
  43. Alignment: rear right toe out of spec
  44. horn doesnt work. check fuses and everything!
  45. Keyless Entry Problem & Hatch Lock/Unlock Problem
  46. Test pipe with broken hanger?
  47. Alarm and power locks not functioning after installation of after-market radio.
  48. Thump shifting gears
  49. water in tail light
  50. buddyclub n+ rear bushing
  51. Any good reputable body shops around Columbus/Dublin Ohio area?
  52. 5K engine lag
  53. Fog Wiring Question
  54. Help! loud start up raddle+low rpm rattle in gear[Finally FIXED!](Broken HR TCT!)
  55. raceland coilover install
  56. upside down shift knob
  57. [Solved]: '02 RSX Type-S: Hood Doesn't Open
  58. parking brake adjustment off on an angle
  59. Idle and squeaking noise
  60. Still CEL and Idle jump after replacing IACV
  61. Leaking Oil after bad shifting, rpm went to 9000...
  62. Motor Mount Change From Hell
  63. trunk no unlocking
  64. Check Fuel Cap CEL
  65. hood alignment
  66. LED interior lights
  67. JDM Type-R spoiler hardware question
  68. Maintenance Required Light Flashing 10 Times
  69. adjusting handbrake
  70. P1009 2005 RSX type s please help!
  71. Help plz overheating!!!
  72. 02 fog help
  73. Unplugged 02 sensor and now cel41 wtf?
  74. VTEC problem, please help.
  75. replaced 2ndry o2 and tps ever since then engine cuts out well driving no codes
  76. hatchback won't open
  77. keyless module
  78. RBC Issues
  79. Knock sensor failure=slow car?
  80. Gas pedal is loose
  81. 05-06 Foglight Wiring Help...
  82. Help
  83. Help guys
  84. can't figure out what's wrong with 05 rsx type s
  85. broken spark plug nut
  86. Passenger window issues
  87. DC race header
  88. No A/C
  89. missfire cylinder 1,2,3
  90. clutch squealing noise please help!!!
  91. 2002 rsx raceland coilover prob.
  92. Remote, Lock, and Key Problem
  93. "Rattling" pass side front??
  94. low gas milage
  95. gas smell inside
  96. Blown 100 amp battery fuse
  97. loud squealing
  98. Bose System in Standard RSX (not Type-S)
  99. sudden stall after turning corner
  100. Problems with sportshift on base 5AT.HELPP!!!
  101. AC blowout
  102. shifter cable
  103. Rear Aspec not fitting well
  104. check engine light
  105. Blown airbags, help please!!!
  106. Auto Transmission Gear Grind?
  107. Small clear Leak Under Engine Bay
  108. Type r/ a spec ? :s replica ? Oem?
  109. URGENT HELP Please, Idle Jump in Neutral/Clutch in, and engine burning smell??
  110. Help!!! Car stopped on me
  111. dd transmission problem :(
  112. CV Axle Popped out and destroyed tranny... Now what
  113. A/c compressor help
  114. my rsx is shaking feels wobbly
  115. What's the difference between the A spec and Type r wing?
  116. Is my CMC failing?
  117. Weird noise from manifold exhaust
  118. slow acceleration, whistling and broken motor mount, help!
  119. Worn out cams
  120. Troubleshooting a K Swap
  121. Bumper questions
  122. steering wheel wear help
  123. RSX wont drive in gear
  124. Entire Car Vibrating and sounding terrible
  125. Replacing steering rack and pinion
  126. Type S spoiler swap question
  127. car jerks (hiccups) when taking sharp turns at high speed AND accelerating from stop
  128. Need Help !!! Having Hesitation Problems
  129. front bumper wont fit right
  130. Help my 02 acura rsx battery won't turn off
  131. aem pulley belt size
  132. code 41 on and off
  133. car won't turn over and makes weird noise
  134. how bad is it driving with a bad mount?
  135. Car revved to limiter on its own
  136. Timing jumped 4 teeth (P0341). Get away with replacing just tensior?
  137. Weird grinding noise PLZ HELP!!!!
  138. Rocker Arm Assembly Parts
  139. Potential alternator problems
  140. 6th gear pop-out HELP!
  141. weird noise coming from passenger side when braking
  142. car shuts off after a wash HELP!!
  143. Check Engine Light on. P1077, Help !!
  144. Quick question about clutch pedal adjust
  145. Question with compressor & clutch set compressor
  146. 4th Gear Grind / Syncro Replacement
  148. Clutch pedal on floor/ cant put in gear
  149. How do I adjust my headlights from side to side?
  150. SRS light is on. need help
  151. Help! Check engine light on!! Battery Light stays on after alternator install
  152. Irregular idle during warm up
  153. Front control arms
  154. Oil light comes on, car died. Help?!
  155. OEM Bose Sub & Amp install question
  156. Hood won't open
  157. Issue mounting em2 front sway bar with header...
  158. Auto-Driver Power Window Switch
  159. Exhaust leaks all over. Huuge updates page 2.
  160. 06 Civic SI Knock Sensor
  161. Steering wheel shake, HELP!!
  162. AC problems....AGAIN.......
  163. Checking grounds
  164. Engine swap or sell???? Need help
  165. How to fix rust?
  166. Pioneer 2400bt Head Unit Volume Too Low
  167. Drivers side HID has wider beam than passenger side
  168. Car stops accelerating out of no where???
  169. Help Me!! P0219,P0301P0300,P0304,P0303
  170. Idle Issue
  171. Car Shakes, *CLUNKING* noise during aggressive accel/decel.
  172. A/C Over Pressurized no Cold Air
  173. Glove box loose
  174. engine noise when turn on
  175. metallic whistle passenger side engine bay at 2800 rpm
  176. Over heating
  177. [SOLVED] Apexi GT Exhaust Hitting Frame!
  178. AC issue
  179. Code P0141 still on after new O2 sensor
  180. Overheating problem
  181. Synchros, clutch, throw out bearing...anything?
  182. Problem after installing Skunk2 Intake Mainfold
  183. Passenger side motor mount?
  184. Which starter should I buy ?
  185. 2004 rsx brake problems
  186. Passenger side window loose, rattle when closing door
  187. I give the car gas, it slowly accelerates, then really takes off.
  188. srs light wired into the abs possible?
  189. Which clutch recommended?
  190. Problem with the Assembly Angle sensor
  191. 2003 rsx cylinder missing
  192. OIL Burning
  193. Who makes OEM Type S springs?
  194. Power Transistor Module... i dont think so ...
  195. Bad motors mounts? TPS? Clutch?
  196. Turning signal front and rear lights
  197. 2005 tsx wont respond to keyfab lock
  198. RSX-S can't hold idle
  199. Car won't start
  200. Scraping metal sound
  201. Loud popping when engaging clutch/letting off gas
  202. Serptine Belt slipping off
  203. Worried about car shutting down after driving through puddle
  204. abs motor and brakes
  205. Code P1129 - changed MAP sensor but nothing else
  206. A/C Compressor
  207. Low Oil Pressure
  208. Bought 30k Hid bulbs and there aren't the right color.
  209. need help solving this error code problem!
  210. No speedomiter, vtech, check engine light
  211. No sound, head unit on, whining/static/clipping sound
  212. HID Fog LIghts..
  213. 95 Integra Ls Oil Pan. Help!
  214. please help me. im losing faith in this car.
  215. help me fix my DD!
  216. 02-04 type s vtec suddenly stopped working? Any help is appreciated.
  217. Need clarification on A/C system
  218. Evap po453 code please help!!!!!
  219. Suspension/axle questions
  220. Front Bumper Problem
  221. Sunroof won't go down all the way.
  222. Hey RSX FAM! :(
  223. Sunroof won't tilt down to close
  224. Odd Idle.. Again
  225. Water Outlet Assembly, cracked sensor??
  226. 05 RSX-S Climate Control Light question
  227. driver side door lock won't move
  228. Right blinker is blinking faster the the left blinker
  229. Power Steering Failure???
  230. BAD Strut?
  231. looking for gaskets new for my test pipe$$$
  232. 6 Disc Bose Malfunction
  233. Brake Master Cylinder
  234. **FIXED** Holy mother.. spark plug stuck -> rubber gasket melted
  235. a list of what is wrong with my car.. just to make you guys feel better
  236. radiator support t bracket part#??
  237. Rack problem!!!
  238. Knocking/rattling at idle with a/c on?
  239. 2003 pulls to the right....
  240. Insurance claim issue
  241. Problem with Headlights
  242. CAR vibrates w/new motor mounts
  243. 2002 Front End Dimensions
  244. Has anyone installed a Genk20a mirror before?
  245. Door Issues
  246. intake manifold cover not fitting
  247. wheels and tires
  248. New rebuild, possible oil pressure problem?
  249. k20a3 to k20a2
  250. nvm