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  1. rated member?
  2. learning manual?
  3. Car & Seat sqeaks.
  4. front map lights
  5. Oil Leak RSX Type-S
  6. foot tingling ??
  7. Cup holder "tab" broken
  8. fix for hatch rattles
  9. Service Bulletins
  10. RSX Type-S Bose = No Bass, SOLUTION!!
  11. JDM side marker lights install
  12. How many quarts is required for the RSX oil change?
  13. Grind solved
  14. The thrill is gone (long)
  15. miss shifted into 2nd and blew my motor!!!!!
  16. Alarm Lock Prob
  17. To Comptech Exhaust owners: Does your exhaust scrape sometimes??
  18. gear box clicking noise
  19. does jerky hurt the car?
  20. Someone plase help me ASAP
  21. maintance required light?
  22. Splash guard help
  23. Brake Install Howto at Honda Tuning
  24. noise/vibration when driving in heavy rain
  25. change the clock settings
  26. displeased with Acura (and they don't care) why ??????
  27. How do i keep my side mirrors from leaking water?
  28. Where do you scrape?
  29. Brakes install
  30. resetting the ECU
  31. New CLutch
  32. dash rattling noise
  33. where are the jack points?
  34. How do I remove my front bumper?????
  35. Gasket between exhaust manifold and cat?
  36. idle, rpm's jump when I move steering wheel
  37. hood latch disappeared...
  38. Help! Taillight Removal...
  39. Idiot Guide to Rattles
  40. How Long did your factory brake pads last?
  41. AC not working when idle?
  42. How to hardwire a radar detector - by popular demand...
  43. Maintainance Required light!!!!!
  44. How to prevent the theft of HONDA JDM EMBLEMS
  45. Rust!!! Rust!!! Rust!!! Rust!!! Rust!!! Rust!!! Rust!!! Rust!!! Rust!!! Rust!!! Rust!
  46. Cracked OEM Fog light lense - post here!
  47. Clearcoat peeling:(
  48. Exhaust bolt rusted on ...
  49. Battery at Lower Level!
  50. 5000 dollars for a missshift HELP
  51. Hood latch broken
  52. How To Install Rear Lower Tie Bar
  53. AC always on?
  54. 2nd gear grind petition. Sign here.
  55. engine light
  56. Odometer and speedomoter not working
  57. SRS Light bypass from removal of stock airbags
  58. I have bent valves...
  59. Revo install question
  60. rattling from front suspension.. (right side?)
  61. Humming or whistling sound???
  62. Blown Engine - Stuck Throttle - GF panic'd - LONG POST
  63. RSX Owners and the sounds they hear!
  64. D2's + pothole = popping noise, need help
  65. Inoperable driver's side window = failed regulator
  66. Static Shock
  67. High Pitched scraping sound at high speed (over 120km/h)
  68. weird problem
  69. Error code list
  70. Chips chips and more chips!
  71. Need Help: Engine or Clutch(?) is Squeaking!
  72. Sick of CEL light, sick of Honda
  73. brakes locked on my 02 type s
  74. Clutch depress question.
  75. Cracked leather....
  76. drivers side door pop up knob wont go down/up by itself
  77. Burnt clutch at 9k mi.?
  78. Stereo needs code?
  79. hood latch
  80. intake sucking up water
  81. TPS 02 RSX Problem P0122
  82. Maintanence Light on
  83. 40k Miles Tune Up
  84. Some Warranty Info:
  85. Noisy hub fixed! Just wanted you guys some info on that for later use.
  86. Sunroof Panel Rust
  87. No Chains??????
  88. Should your filter be touching the washer bottle???
  89. Anyone had out of warranty air conditioner service?
  90. More on trailer towing
  91. Electrical Issue
  92. help installing a tach
  93. OEM Side Skirt Installation
  94. Wheel hop / banging noise question.
  95. Someone broke my window
  96. Helms Manual for 02-04 RSX
  97. Engine Bogs During Shifting
  98. Closed
  99. Removing 3m invisible bra
  100. Has your A/C ever smoked?
  101. 2002-2004 rsx service manual
  102. How do I take off my shift knob?
  103. squeeking sound ??
  104. Scared to buy a new 05 Type S
  105. How much did you pay for your ride? (in the market for an rsx)
  106. Solved Rattling Problem... PIX
  107. 05 Type S Clunking noise
  108. Question about DECK.
  109. steering wheel vibration at 90+ Km/h
  110. Need help: Car Twisting Apart
  111. IAC Valve Cleaning Guide w/pics
  112. foglights on witout lowbeam????
  113. 2nd gear grind?
  114. Has anyone actually had the 2005 clunking strut problem PERMANENTLY fixed??
  115. ECU throwing code P0172
  116. Loud "Groaning" Noise From the Right Rear of the Car
  117. Window goes up 1/2 way then back down ??
  118. turn signals not working
  119. CEL for O2 sensor 1
  120. HELP..shaking steering wheel
  121. Opening Jammed Hood
  122. Heater problem: Wont blow hot air until moving
  123. The infamous clunking noise...
  124. Mileage, what's considered BAD?
  125. Loud noise when reversing
  126. Oil Leak!
  127. wtf replica fog light harness
  128. HELP: **brand new** JDM headlights fogging up
  129. Engine stalled while driving
  130. Squeaking sound from engine bay......
  131. New thread about (possible?) starter switch issue
  132. JDM Type-R Steering wheel install question
  133. Headlight problem
  134. P0505 - Idle Control System Malfunction
  135. hood not poping
  136. Clutch wont disengage?
  137. CAT unbolting problem..
  138. Cops and radar detectors in VA
  139. How do you remove HVAC control panel?
  140. P1166 and P1167
  141. Need help with engine codes!!!
  142. bad 02?
  143. noise from dash
  144. Auto Insurance/Coverages/Accidents Stuff You Should Know
  145. Engine Light On
  146. Oil filter leak oil.
  147. Air Filter
  148. Dealer or junkyard?
  149. BIG PROBLEM...please help me out!!!
  150. Need help with an error code
  151. SportShift: [D] Transmission Flashing
  152. Can sheriff issue tickets???
  153. Anyone knows how to program the keyless remote?
  154. How do you hook up A/F Gauge???
  155. Maintenance Req'd
  156. 2002 RSX-S Throttle Body Gasket
  157. how to change windshield wipers?
  158. wtf gas is up to $3.02 !!
  159. Driver Side door, rattle when closing?
  160. aem fuel rail
  161. Noises from the suspension...
  162. Removing tail light housings
  163. Automatic transmission prob.
  164. Automatic window help
  165. Can't chirp a tire anymore, misshift coming back to haunt me?
  166. lights staying on
  167. bad gas mileage
  168. Any1 hear a popping noice after turning ur engine off?
  169. Anyone With A Trunk Leak Read This
  170. Clunk coming front front of car
  171. Help me choose a vehicle
  172. power door locks not working
  173. Timing Chain Slip
  174. No VTEC pull and it sounds like a lawn mower!
  175. water and condensation in 05 type-s tailight assemblies
  176. Cluych Pedal Noise...
  177. Clutch/tranny problems
  178. Oil drain plug + Oil pan
  179. Greddy Evo 2 Exhaust rattle (not heatshield or loose bolts)
  180. P0113 IAT Sensor Replaced and still CEL
  181. Fixing 12v adapter/power outlet (akaCigarette lighter)
  182. Sunroof Motor
  183. High Pitched Noise
  184. How to fix my airconditioner
  185. Weird noise
  186. need help on cel p1166
  187. Substance to hold window in track?
  188. Door Acutator problem
  189. HELP!! Fucked up my JDM Door visors!
  190. Fuel filter where is it?
  191. Water in the trunk
  192. starting car with a dead battery
  193. Where is speed calculated?
  194. Omg I Hate Fujita And My Pos Car
  195. Broke the nozzle that the small breather tube fits on.
  196. Quick, Take The Heat Shield Off Or Not!?!?!?
  197. Doors will not open with Remote
  198. Help Please! DCRH and Noise issue
  199. First problem with my blower!
  200. Bent Tow Hook help?
  201. Stupid Codes / O2 senors
  202. Close Door Rear Rattle
  203. constant misshift into 4th...
  204. Squeak From Tranny Acura Says $600+!!!
  205. For anyone with a window problem
  206. Strange Metallic Rattle?
  207. Metallic clink from front passenger area
  208. 2006 type-s burning oil?!
  209. Defected Engine... *Need Help*
  210. Gas gauge WILDLY innaccurate.. this is BULLSHIT.
  211. spun out and hit a curb
  212. scratched cylinder
  213. O2/ Air Fuel Ratio Hellp!!!
  214. Stuck In Park???
  215. Need Help Rsx Makes Noise when RpM hits 3
  216. O2 Sensor
  217. 3rd Gear Grind
  218. Nengun Performance
  219. I have a problem and it's really important to me.
  220. I Hate My Rsx
  221. Help with random pieces inside valve cover
  222. 05+ Type R Guage Cluster SRS Light on, HELP!
  223. mishifted
  224. Denied Warranty SCREW HONDA!
  225. Engine knock.
  226. Quick problem suggestions appreciated
  227. How to get a smoother sounding engine
  228. no vtec cut in
  229. Hole in the carpet
  230. Weird clutch noise
  231. what are common problems!
  232. RH Cracked?
  233. water in trunk
  234. Defi Insatall Help!
  235. No Car
  237. Back pain from seat
  238. Which OIL should i use??
  239. 06 type s transmission
  240. Engine Oil Leaking From Right Side Of Motor
  241. Vertical windshield molding peeling off.
  242. Check Engine Light P0139
  243. car shakes when slowing down!!!
  244. no dash lights... helpppp
  245. Grill Insert
  246. 3rd gear problem
  247. Battery died, is this a good replacement?
  248. Stripped bolts? Try this!
  249. 05 tailights have water in them
  250. hesitation and stutter