: Exterior Mods RSX

  1. Foglight install
  2. mesh grill
  3. Tinted windows standard?
  4. Things you need before headlight DIY blackout
  5. Neon Lights under dash?? wuts ur opinion?
  6. What to do with space for foglights?
  7. what color calipher brakes?
  8. painting black side skirts possible?????
  9. difference between the jdm and usdm foglights?
  10. OEM Bodykit at a Discount
  11. Windows Tinting....fuck do it your self...here is info
  12. painted brake calipers
  13. Yellow RSX
  14. Tint Job Desert Silver Before & After Pics [Caution: Large Size]
  15. How much is OEM Body Kit?
  16. Leather Cleaner?
  17. C-West Kit *pic*
  18. Space?
  19. red dome light bulb?
  21. JDM Type R Emblems
  22. Vision HID kit for $455 included shipping!
  23. should i get oem fogs lights and spoiler
  24. Shift light and POD gauges
  25. When buying a used car..
  26. JDM HID black housing headlight!!
  27. Grille Removal??
  28. 2002 Honda Integra Type R
  29. clear engine cover
  30. WRX MOMO steering wheel
  31. What are the dimensions of the fog light opening...
  32. Body kit
  33. -Changing the interior dash-
  34. parking lights
  35. Muxx Custom Dead Pedal
  36. JDM Body Kit
  37. Blinker
  38. what size bulb are the parking lights?
  39. Monster Tach Install
  40. this guy make me feel sick.....
  41. custom blinker?
  42. Mugen stuff at King Motorsports
  43. Wing or No Wing??
  44. Razo Carbon Fiber Pedal Set?
  45. titanium dash???
  46. C-West Body kit?
  47. My first acura ?????????????
  48. hart racing m5 18 inch with 35's ?
  49. Headlight
  50. changing dash
  51. 5Zigen Bodykit
  52. idea
  53. JDM H.I.D. Unit Question
  54. emblem swap
  55. seat belt / harness upgrade?
  56. Type-R spark cover
  57. Type-R HIDs - Self Levelling?
  58. Pictures of Purple HID kit!!
  59. Anyone with JDM black light housing...please post pics.
  60. Headlight
  61. JDM TypeR replica bodykit and spoiler
  62. orange turn signals in the front
  63. Dropping
  64. HID: GhettoVision 2K vs. JDM fully legit.
  65. with HID, Why JDM housing? Why not USDM housing?
  66. Eyelids
  67. Hey, SPOON RSX re: body side moldings
  68. What type of rims?
  69. more colors next year?
  70. JDM Type S badge?
  71. Headlight Paint is coming off!
  72. Pedal Suggestions?
  74. Carbon Fiber Hood Pic
  75. Altezza Tail Light Assemby Avaliable ???
  76. Headlight aiming regulations
  77. mods on my rsx type-s
  78. Aqua blue hid
  79. JDM Headlight confusion...
  80. Dumb Body kit question
  81. tint removal
  82. Decklid Spoilers
  83. foggin after black diy headlight
  84. OEM Foglights
  85. JDM Arctic Blue vs. UDSM Arctic Blue???
  86. Price of OEM bodykit
  87. Ings Aero Parts!!! *full Body Kit*
  88. Razo Pedals - Large or small?
  89. Mix&Match bodykits
  90. post-window tint precautions
  91. Anyone Use Nokya Lights?
  92. Red Domelights
  93. HeadLight Bulbs
  94. light kit from club rsx
  95. JDM Body Kit
  96. H1 bulbs
  97. H1 bulbs
  98. RSX-S stock pedals
  99. PIAA Super Plasma and PIAA Super Plasma FX
  100. Mugen Body Kit
  101. please help DIY headlight blackout
  102. Leather Seat Belt Pads
  103. SEMA Pics.....
  104. Does Club RSX JDM full body kit include wing?
  105. ????About the RSX Colored Alum.Shift knobs..
  106. clear altezzas
  107. What color....
  108. What color.....
  109. Is It Really That Hard
  110. RSX window tinting (Quantum)
  111. need bulb suggestions...
  112. HID kill my battery?
  113. Are body kits madre from fiber glass any good!!
  114. Billet Shift Knob
  115. A pilar gauge pod
  116. tinting the back window?
  117. What type of foglights do you have?
  118. 1157 Led
  119. Rear Wing
  120. Help With Lights Please...
  121. JDM HID's
  122. Replace Headlight
  123. New RSX Pics w/ new BodyKit.
  124. Cell Phone Hands Free Kit
  125. Hid Kit
  126. List of Fog Lights for your RSX
  127. Carbon-Fiber HOODS!.....
  128. carbon fiber hood on my satin silver rsx
  129. Recap For All Light Bulbs?
  130. RSX Type R Pedals
  131. Interior titanium dash option?
  132. Check out my new Guages!!
  133. Titanuim Inter Ques
  134. TYPE S License Plate Frame
  135. FINALLY done wit my headlights
  136. Another HID post/questions :)
  137. New Bumper!!
  138. New Bumpers??!!!
  139. Anyone have any good body kit suggestions?
  140. body kit
  141. Radar Detectors Anyone?
  142. Hella Air Horn
  143. Does your rsx's rear whindsheild wiper nozzel just DRIZZLE out the fluid? How to fix?
  144. Im Clueless,how to get blue!?!?!?
  145. Acura RSX Air Force One Full Body Kit
  146. Carbon Fiber Hood for RSX
  147. Need pictures of PIAA 1700-X on the RSX...
  148. still....carbon fiber hood questions...
  149. Are the Stock Pedals the same as on the Integra?
  150. headlights what should i do?
  151. Black cars with CF Hood
  152. changing springs vs. changing coilover
  153. Lease aftermath
  154. Will wondow tints peel/bubble after a few years?
  155. Combat ain't got nothing on this wing....
  156. Mesh Grille
  157. the new body kit is available!!!!
  158. Washer nozzle lights????
  159. Mugen pedals group buy
  160. What do you think of this?
  161. Yellow in headlights. Bulb part numbers
  162. Everyone! Design my RSX bodykit. Have 1 week
  163. HIDs
  164. does anyone yet have the skinny on the jdm blue?
  165. Fog Light Switch, Which Way Is Up?
  166. piaa 100 solitare
  167. What's the dimentions of the OEM Acura foglights?
  168. do the OEM foglights actually work?
  169. pedal pad
  170. Hey Moderator, why did you delete my topic?
  171. Dumb thing I wanna do with Gas Cap
  172. Pedals
  173. Does Cold Air Intake fit for RSX or only short ram????
  174. Black out headlights
  175. New Grill mod pics
  176. A Question for you guys w/ HID lights equipped on your RSX....
  177. Custom Shiftknobs
  178. Which radar detector?
  179. Red Dome Light???
  180. Pictures of my RSX Type S w/ JDM Parts...
  181. Instrument backlighting
  182. Any on got pictures of their gauges at night through tinted windows?
  183. Bodykit and shiftknob question..
  184. Nose Mask
  185. Plans for my interior.
  186. Red shifter boot.
  187. JDM Type R Change Holder
  188. H1 Bulbs?!?
  189. Splash Guards
  190. Caliper Color
  191. Pics of aluminum shift knob with flush boot.
  192. Rear Wing
  194. Spray Paint Type
  195. body kit anyone???
  196. HELP!! Anyone have the part numbers for a complete JDM HID conversion?
  197. OEM Body Kit and Opinions on the RSX
  198. Razo pedals
  199. Fog Light Bulbs
  200. mugen aluminum racing pedals for $ 168.75
  201. Lighting question
  202. Price of JDM type r spoiler on online store??
  203. Anyone install the OEM Acura "spoilers" on the car yet?
  204. Tints?
  205. Nokya Arctic White Bulbs
  206. Is There Caliper Paint To Match Arctic Blue ?
  207. attn: mugen...
  208. Here is the new W/W G5 kit
  209. Ground Clearance on body kits
  210. H.I.D kits.
  211. spray tinting
  212. Stickers
  213. What do you guys think???
  214. Custom Shifter Boots
  215. My RSX-S with PIAA 1900x
  216. titanium look panel kit
  217. Universal Wings?
  218. Price of replica Type R spoiler?
  219. Type S stock steering wheel = momo steering wheel???
  220. removing tail lights??
  221. clear tails!
  222. Foglights????
  223. Couldn't resist posting this...
  224. I-VTEC DOHC Sticker
  225. RSX has Recaro seats!
  226. Question about aftermarket spoilers
  227. Pricng On C West Kit
  228. JDM Headlights from Options Auto
  229. Smoked chrome looking emblems??
  230. titanium trim kit
  231. OEM Spoiler Installation
  232. Group Buy on JDM rear wing spoiler
  233. heated seat question?????
  234. Colour coordinating with blue.....
  235. BEST wannabe HIDs bulbs! Look no further!
  236. Alluminum Dash Kit Question!
  237. Parts that fits RSX from Mugen Integra Section
  238. Blue LED Screw Lights Acura RSX
  239. Colored Tints
  240. Blitz Bodykit
  241. WeatherTech mats or OEM Acura ones?
  242. k2 HID Kit Installation Help
  243. shift knob questions.
  244. Push Button Ignition
  245. cloth sport seats.
  246. Any news on aftermarket PROJECTOR headlights?
  247. Jdm Type R Style Spoiler
  248. Wings West Kit For Sale!!!!!
  249. Newbie Pedal Questions
  250. is it just me or.....