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  1. POLL: When am I gonna take my "Morning Shit"
  2. **Weekly Wednesday Meets to be hosted in West End once a month**
  3. *MEET* Regular/Weekly Meets
  4. **Official** Canada East RSX Sightings
  5. ***Notice Regarding Post Whoring***
  6. *RACE* Track and Autocross Schedules '06
  7. ClubRSX Toronto: Wednesday Meet Discussion
  8. Da Vinci Code Meet May 21st Sunday
  9. Smoke a phattie
  10. went to t.dot
  11. WAS THAT YOU ON DVP?? Blue 05/06 RSX-S, Thursday, June 15th, 5PM
  12. Want to be Pro-STAR a Driving?!
  13. pacific mall lol
  14. Mods Are Out, Whore This Shit Up
  15. Pee licker - Nominated for the retard of the year
  16. Spontaneous Cruising/Meets
  17. What are you stuffing your fatch with??? whats for lunch#2
  18. ClubRSX Weekly Wednesday Meet Discussion
  19. Waterloo/Kitchener
  20. Attn: Marcster
  21. All Threads Got Pruned?
  22. Attn:gtarsx
  23. Random quotes from the nite before...
  24. discontinued?
  25. Post picture of your starbucks turtle.
  26. Attn: REFRAME spotted w/ the future Mrs. Reframe?
  27. What happened to......
  28. gtarsx.....
  29. Halifax, NS Area *CHAT*
  30. I don't think Ted is coming back...
  31. Attn: Vv
  32. My rice bucket continues.. Rice rice rice!
  33. FS: Fujita Cold Air Intake, CompTech Tie Bar, Type S Suspension
  34. Cell Phone Thread
  35. Buying from ClubRSX
  36. VERY SAD day...
  37. Very Very Sad Day... :(
  38. asdfasdfasdf
  39. the official *bowel movement* thread! how regular are you ???lol
  40. Satellite dish/free to air/receivers Q&A
  41. Anyone Skate or Snowboard?
  42. Canada East Hockey thread
  43. Favour From All My Buyers!
  44. My Next Mod: Yellow Fogs
  45. Car Wash Bays in North Toronto
  46. Chime in: transmission fluid
  47. High Speed Wheel Balancing
  48. Attn: Gtarsx
  49. Quick photoshoot from Saturday. My first :)
  50. Canada East *CHAT* WARNING!!! No Explicit Material inside!! Keep it to the bar
  51. Insurance
  52. Canada East Official Xbox Live Thread *CHAT*
  53. Just Called igarage, this are fully booked.
  54. What are these green stuff?
  55. Synthetic oil
  56. *CHAT* Official Raptors 08-09' NBA
  57. Tinting Place in Toronto
  58. Tein basic coilover
  59. Canada East *CHAT* Clean beavers only!!!!!
  60. What's your cruising speed on the highway
  61. Places to eat/do in DT montreal?
  62. Auto Registries
  63. Canada EAST *CHAT* "Grow up kids, no more warnings - from Frosty"
  64. oem lip kit
  65. Importfest 2007 Video
  66. Tickets-besides speeding...
  67. Canada East *Chat* Banned Crew HOLLA~
  68. Siiiiiiikkkkk!!!! Amazing new race scene in Romania!!!
  69. Best place around Ontario/Web to Order Greddy SP2 for Canadians
  70. It's the Official Can East Secret Santa thread! or OCESS for short :P
  72. HADA carting-Dec 9th--- ClubRSX $5 off ----
  73. rsx in winter
  74. Anyone know where I can find Royal Purple other than IGarage?
  75. for the DIY oil changers
  76. Official Canada East *Chat* - Global warming isn't working fast enough!!!!
  77. Csx, Tsx, Rsx
  78. RIP to my DC5
  79. Projector Retrofit Shop in Toronto?
  80. Help me out!
  81. Tune-up needed for my rsx???
  82. holiday donation
  83. For all you Ipod users
  84. can 03 type s springs fit on EL???
  85. i need help with winter beater!!!!!!
  86. Partsource free tools rent
  87. Raptors Fans
  88. HADA Tech - K20A2 Engine Pull - Sun Dec 16
  89. spraypaint rims in the cold
  90. Canada East *CHAT* Thread FROSTY PWNZ DA EAST TWO!!11
  91. Does your DC5 sound like this??
  92. Free Flatbedjrrsx!
  93. hehe am I the only one who would...
  94. Snow Storm this weekend!
  95. Storing water in car
  96. Purchasing Vehicle from U.S
  97. Who called in sick today?
  98. LF battery
  99. Your Opionions..h.i.d
  100. Can. East *chat* traction control is overrated! burnouts and doughnuts in traffic FTW
  101. HELP!! Problems with HIDS
  102. transmission fluid
  103. beeped at RSX owner on QEW today lol
  104. LG LN790 GPS Navigation
  105. Be careful!
  106. Psychics.
  107. New York trip 4 days need advice....
  108. Rock Band
  109. WTF is wrong with these ppl on FS???
  110. Where to do tire balance?
  111. clutch fluid
  112. semen fluid
  113. Cell Phones
  114. RSXs in I Am Legend
  115. Canada's Worst Driver 3
  116. Carbon Fibre Hoods
  117. Car disposal/recycling
  118. Help Needed (2 Suspension Qs)
  119. Kindred Cafe DEC 28TH OR 29TH
  120. What HID Brand you have in your RSX?
  121. What is the part num for the JDM Type-R headlight housing?
  122. Anybody ever do Cadets?
  123. Need advice on which car to get my bro
  124. POWERGETTER rattling help!
  125. Best place to order parts in canada
  126. Insuring a car for full value including mods
  127. downtown quebec
  128. need a gd auto shop suggestion
  129. Is wirelesshut.com reputable?
  130. Where to purchase axxis ultimates locally?
  131. Powdercoating rims in GTA
  132. Mailman brought some stuff.. thought i'd share!
  133. Happy New Year
  134. holy shit!@#
  135. ClubRSX Weekly Wednesday Meet Discussion
  136. Driver, 85, allegedly clocked on Highway 407 doing 161 km/h
  137. Canada East *CHAT* my balls hang low so my boys can swim yo
  138. VBP Crew only!
  139. BODY SHOP!!! - in London, ON.???
  140. Closed
  141. Closed
  142. TorontoDelSolClub.com
  143. Hancock
  144. summer mode?
  145. maintenance required light?
  146. Toronto RSX Club
  147. Best Honda music ever
  148. ggggreat!... my car gets a nice quarter panel dimple!
  149. Car Accident Question
  150. What's your fuel consumption?
  151. Have You Ever... ?
  152. New KNIGHT RIDER Who's gonna watch?
  153. Any Port&Polish or Big Bored service in GTA?
  154. Powerhouse AMUSE BMW E92 M3 -- MUST SEE!
  155. Type S on Regular Gas????
  156. Help with brake set
  157. List of aftermarket shops for RSX in GTA?
  158. Ignited HID vs Kaixen HID
  159. HADA Karting - January 20 - $5 off
  160. Best Car Alarm ever (GPS through cellphone)
  161. 2009 RX8 first peeK!!
  162. Where should I go scuba diving/snorkeling?
  163. Closed
  164. Hey guys; turbo install and tune question
  165. My Baby was stolen!!!
  166. FORD vs. car enthusiasts
  167. 05 type-S calipers on a 03
  168. Places for a nice Ski Trip
  169. Presenting the Wendy's BACONATOR...
  170. In love with the RAZR girl
  171. Igarage....
  172. Will I pass.....
  173. Ordering Electronic stuff from the US
  174. Spotted! WDP RSX at Shoguns
  175. Side Airbag light!!!!
  176. Rental Cottage up North?
  177. looking to buy a new ride...
  178. Canada East *chat* YOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUU!!... Watch me crank that Robocop lololol
  179. Help with buying exhaust
  180. WTB: 02 base intake CAI or SRI
  181. FS/FT 18 inch wheels
  182. Need a new passenger side door sill....
  183. Need help installing icebox
  184. What suspension you running?
  185. license plate relocation???
  186. Emission test in Hamilton
  187. Reflector blue tint?
  188. what do you get rid of the cigarette smell in your cars?
  189. Just imported RSX or S2000, need DRL installed? Look here
  190. Question about wheel fitment -Work Emotion XD9
  191. Viet Pho in Etobicoke
  192. LF: JDM shops in Montreal
  193. good place order new set of rims
  194. TANABE Front Strut?
  195. 5Zigen FN01R-C's - need help picking a color
  196. anyone else struggling to decide what mods are up for the summer?
  197. Place To Lower My Rsx
  198. WTB: Stock rims
  199. Sorry if its the wrong section I need help :D
  200. the most damaging thing you have done to your car thread
  201. Anyone using Quicken or other money managing SW?
  202. someone buy my car and give me a loan for this...
  203. Good Audio Places in GTA
  204. Closed
  205. Anyone have a valvespring tool in the GTA
  206. Montreal area !
  207. Brake Proposition valve settings?
  208. stock 02 type S catback FS
  209. hawk brake pads
  210. Esso vs Shell
  211. CP-E Intake
  212. So mad, screw UPS and ebay!
  213. Just wondering??
  214. most insane k20a swap ever
  215. What Digi Camera you got?
  216. Post your RSX replacement
  217. For those of you getting your MBA
  218. What exhaust should i buy??
  219. Closed
  220. Interview situations/tips
  221. Coffee Addicts
  222. Worlds cheapest car @ 2500
  223. Speed TV tonite 8:00pm KONI 2008 race last week at Daytona
  224. Oil filter question
  225. Should I get the lower control arm bar for bling?
  226. Engine cleaning recommedations
  227. Closed
  228. Engine Swap In Hamilton
  229. Super Bowl on CTV
  230. paint job question
  231. Looking For The A-Spec Kit Cheap?
  232. Sometimes I wish its legal to torture someone...
  233. Gotta learn to do this
  234. Parking within 6m of fire route :( anything i can do instead of just paying $100?
  235. What wipper blades are you using?
  236. Have to have daytime running lights in Canada???
  237. used iphone
  238. Cheap dyno rate
  239. 02' ITR Front Lip
  240. 02 type S for sale @ Toronto
  241. So who will be fasting this lent?
  242. Canada East *chat* snowday part deux - Bring on the snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  243. Fast food in Canada....
  244. What High School did you go to?
  245. Trace Blocked numbers?
  246. Canadian feels he has stumbled on perpetual motion
  247. Happy Chinese New year to you and your mom
  248. Any trance/house heads here?
  249. Eibach pro kits or Tein h-tech?????
  250. Most Reliable Beater Cars