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Club RSX Rules
1. Treat all members with respect in posts, private messages, and emails. If a member is out of hand they can be suspended for a length of time or even banned from the site.

2. No porn, animal cruelty, or any objectionable content is allowed on the forums. None is allowed in signatures, avatars, or any other profile picture.

3. No outside vendors/dealers including friends and employees of such companies. They are allowed as long as they are not trying to earn business but promote the growth of the community. If a vendor/dealer is attempting to sell, their post is to be closed and moved to the deleted vendor forum, no questions asked. Manufactures are allowed as long as they are not attempting to sell direct to the consumer. Again, if they are attempting to make the site better, we want them here and we want to make them feel welcome. Members are free to discuss companies unless they are making an obvious attempt to promote that business.

4. Private messages are not allowed to be posted for any reason. Also any communication received from the moderator or admin staff is considered private. These are not allowed to be posted on the open forum. This includes any infraction that you might receive for breaking the above rules. This rule covers all forums on the website out of respect for everyone.

5. Anyone attempting to spam or whore the site can be suspended or even banned depending on their actions. The person will be banned if they continue after being asked to stop. We will censor any website, name, or phrase that has been used to spam this site, no matter the form. We will also reset post counts if the sole purpose of posting is to increase your post count.

In order to give all of our members fair warning, we wanted to post up the different infractions that can be given out and the punishment for those.

Cross Posting 1 10 Days
15 Days
Posting in the wrong forum 1 10 Days
15 Days
Inappropriate Conduct/Insults 2 3 Months
Causing Trouble in the Bully Pulpit 3 3 Months
6 Months
6 Months
Duplicate Account 10 1 year
6 Months
Points & Suspension Period
Suspension Period
1 Day
3 Days
5 Days
7 Days
1 Month

Can I have more than 1 user name?
Club RSX does not allow any member to use more than 1 user name. We ask this to keep things easier for the admin and the moderators on the site. We have also found that some members have abused this so we are asking that everyone respect the rules and only have 1 member name.

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