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KSMatic 10-26-2007 11:01 AM

Basic Guidelines in So Cal Regional Section *Update 1/5/13*

Please remember to follow the basic guidelines and review the FAQ & Rules located here:

Remember, no random whoring in threads that are not dedicated to *CHAT* and all whoring should stop at page 75.

Moderators may not edit Usernames, if you would like to have your usernames changed, Click Here

A few local guidelines that we will look at:
- No bashing other members, if this occurs, your post will be deleted and an warning/infraction will be given.
- Racism/racist slang are NOT allowed, if this is posted anywhere in our jurisdiction, a warning/infraction will be given.
- Personal Call out threads are not allowed unless approved by the local moderators. If you have an issue with a local member, deal with it thru PM and use a thread as last resort.
- Multiple Meet threads will be merged.
- Only Meet threads with *CHAT* in the title will become a whore thread, other non-*CHAT* thread, please maintain On-topic.

"Whoring" AKA. Excessive Posting
- Threads should have some resemblance of a topic. Threads that are created for random posting belong in the Premium Forums, not in the Lounge.
- Posting the same picture/post multiple times in the same thread, or in multiple, different threads will not be tolerated.
- Creating a thread that has a slight variation of an existing thread; just to "have your own thread" will not be tolerated.
Existing thread: "Look what I made for lunch.."
Second thread: "Look what I made for dinner"

- Posts such as "Free post" and "IBTL" are not allowed in threads. You will receive a warning/infraction for it.
- Trolling the Thread Starter in the So Cal Regional Forum is also not allowed unless it is marked, *CHAT*. There will be no warning and an infraction will be given.

Correct Forums. Be aware that there are multiple forums on this site. Please use the correct forum when creating new threads. If a forum covers the topic you're making a thread about, please do not "dump it" in the So Cal Regional Section

Threads are limited to 75 pages. Threads will be locked when they reach 75 pages and a new thread can be created if it's thread worthy.

Kevin949 04-04-2008 03:13 AM

Go here to read the infraction rules.

Please review before you post.

KSMatic 02-09-2009 02:28 PM

We will be cracking down on insults in chat threads as we have been getting numerous complaints as of late. If you do not wish to receive an infraction, please edit your post or/and refrain yourself from posting anything that would insult/offend other members.

Thank you.

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