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Originally Posted by DC5Sandbag View Post
This morning I was driving down the interstate in my RSX-S with my youngest son following me in his new Veloster N with the performance package. Next thing I noticed was a black Type R coming up behind us on the inside lane. I will say it was fun to have the new and the old traveling together for a few miles down the road. Well to make a long story short, the Type R doesn't look bad from the the old RSX’s rear view mirror. Side note, both my boys each bought a new Veloster N. They both went with the Veloster N because they felt it was the closest thing overall to the RSX-S for $30k.
Nice story! I actually like the baby blue Veloster N. My brother is putting his 8th gen Si back to stock to potentially pick up a CTR.

Been driving my RSX more. Not up to par in looks, but feels great on the road. It's still crazy hot here in Orlando. ECTs climb to 206* F w/ AC and I don't have a tstat. I need to tune up my water meth to keep IATs in check. Been running without it since I reinstalled the MaxBore TB and Acuity TPS.
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