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Originally Posted by bluej511
Now the driver side mount is a little bit more tricky and will require either a ratchething wrench 14mm or a ratchet and small socket. Support the motor again with a piece of wood and jack. Remove the battery and battery tray...MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR RADIO CODE THEN DONT FORGET TO HOLD THE WINDOW ALL THE WAY AUTO UP TO REST THE AUTO FUNCTION.... Unbolt the bolt that goes thru the mount first then unbolt the tranny bracket bolts then the mount itself now some of the bolts are tricky to get to and can be reached by turning the wheel all the way left or taking it off then reaching under the frame....Install in reverse order but install the mount first then the bracket THEN the mount that goes thru the bolt can be reached by jacking up the motor slowly so the hole can be reached....NOW THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT START THREADING THE BOLT IN BY HAND AS MUCH AS U CAN TO MAKE SURE ITS GOING IN SMOOTH IF NOT YOU WILL CROSSTHREAD THE BOLT.
How did you get to the two bolts underneath the battery tray?

Did you need to remove your airbox to get to the tranny bolts and the lower mount bolts?

I thought thre three mount bolts are all 17mm?

Kit looks great!

TEIN Flexes Revalved w/ 20kg Rear SWIFT Springs
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