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Originally Posted by bluej511
i forgot what they were lol i think the bracket and mount bolts are 17s i dont remember im to tired from trying to get that rear mount in lol. but u only need to get the battery tray out so u can get the bolt that goes thru the mount out.

There are no bolts under the battery tray but there under the mount itself i used a ratcheting wrench but a small ratchet and small socket should do.
No bolts under the battery tray? I unscrewed two visible from the top of the tray and then couldn't pull it out -- after feeling around on the underside I felt two bolts underneath. Hmm, I'll double check it could've been a latch or something.

Did you take out your airbox to get to the lower tranny mount bolts? Or did the ratcheting wrench reach all the way down there?

I also believe that these will get softer in about a week or so and i will def update this thread. i will run stiffer in the rear and softer damper settings in the front then launch at 5k again and see what happens
I just installed two of my 3 Enjo mounts and have already felt the vibrations decrease after a couple days. And yes, our cars DO sound like beasts after upgrading the mounts. I love it.

TEIN Flexes Revalved w/ 20kg Rear SWIFT Springs
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