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Originally Posted by Nimda View Post
Question - I see your boot kind sagging a little bit since you don't have a knob adaptor zip-tied to the boot. Did that come with the s2000 knob and you just decided not to use it? I just ordered the RSX alum. shift knob from Delray (which is identical to the s2000 I believe) so I'm wondering if the adaptor and zip-tie is sold seperate?
actually thats how it designed. that adaptor came with A-SPEC RSX Aluminum Shift Knob. see plastic pieces below. when i bought the s2k knob it didnt come with it thats why i didnt sell the shift boot adapter when i sold the RSX aluminum shift knob. if you ordered A-SPEC aluminum shift knob from them it be the same like mine. "saggy' it will come with zip tie and you will use that on the black plastic ring below and shift boot.

i used to have this.. and didnt like it..

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