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Originally Posted by J. Dub View Post
First, I know most peoples opinions on going with 20's on any sports car is stupid. that said.
I'd like to get 20x8.5 inch Div Vixens on my type-s. It is stock suspension and it is an 05.
I don't wanna go with a 30 series tire as recommended by this site and
So if I go with a 235/35R20 (would like to go 235/40 or 240/40 but, we'll see) Would I need to roll my fenders?

(I know 235/35 translates to 9.22"wide and 26.5"tall but I'm not sure what the tallest tire would be to fit w/ stock suspension with rubbing on a +34 offset)

And what does that mean to roll fenders?

And I know +45 offset is the best for stock suspension cause it's ideal tread contact, and for suspension wear but if I was to go with a +34, Would that not make the rims stick out away from the car more causing a wider stance then +45's would?

Thanks in advance!
buy a different car...perhaps one that is actually a sports car, unlike the rsx. then ruin that car

I'm pretty sure they will clear though, 235/35-20s are 1.9" larger then the stock tires which means your tires will be .95" closer to the fenders..stock rsx's have a lot more wheel gap then that...really you didnt need to ask this question, you just get your bling ruler, measure the stock 16s or 17s, give them a and then measure the gap...if its more then half of the difference between the stock tire and the tire you want then it will clear
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