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Originally Posted by joejoe3
There was another thing i was gonna ask, that i think should go on the FAQ.
As we know, comptech supplies a reflash for their SC. Either it be the K100 supplied or reflashing your Kpro. On their website, it says that you can still maintain the datalogging.

But there was something about it, that you cannot re-map unless the supplied SC map has been deleted.
"Comptech ECU Map is locked, and must be deleted in order to make any changes"

What’s the whole point of it then? If there was knocking or A/F issues and you see it in your datalog, but you can’t fix it anyway!? Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of “programmable” ECU?
Well, if you have K-Pro and their locked map you can datalog. The data will give you lots of information and teach you a bunch about your engine and how it runs. However, you can't change the Comptech map. You are, however, free to clear the map and upload one of the many available SC calibrations. They all work well as starting points and often provide more power (because the locked Comptech must, by definition, be a "one size fits all").
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