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02 K20A2 Type S in 06 Base Auto body

Hey everyone. I have had a long project taking an 02 type s that had a hood latch failure on the highway and was totaled (engine survived but windshield and whole upper body was caved in beyond repair) , and swapping the powertrain into my 06 base auto. My methodology was to use as much of the 02 wiring so as to ensure it wouldn't even know it wasn't in the 06 body to avoid wiring issues. I have had some mechanical roadblocks, but was able to get around them such as the 3rd clutch pedal bolt bracket (this had to have spot welds drilled out, and mounted the bracket in the 06 since it was not applied to the base auto body). My biggest roadblock is still the wiring. This is where I'm currently at:

02 motor/trans with 02 engine harness bolted up using the hasport auto/manual conversion bracket.
02 engine compartment power side harness (this had to be swapped as there were two clips to the 02 engine harness, where the 06 base auto had 1)
02 dashboard harness
02 ecu
06 engine compartment harness (this contains abs module,headlights, etc and connects to the under hood fuse box, then also to the under dash fuse box and lower ports on the dash harness)
06 floor harness
06 SRS ecu, 06 air bags + sensors all around to keep them all common)
02 door harnesses (had to swap to keep alarm from constantly going off)

I could key on and get the odometer, power to most accessories and such, headlights, brake lights, blinkers all four corners, door locks, etc, but no fuel pump prime and oddly no fuel level reading. I realized that the floor harness had two clips into the dash harness that did not match up. I found out through research and trial and error how to wire the fuel pump making my own adapter harness, even cheated the pump from the console cigarette lighter port to give it direct power, still no engine start. I also wired the other floor wires similarly, and even got the fuel level to read correctly. Basically I can say I'm confident that the fuel pump and floor mess is jumped and wired correctly (remember, car still didnt start even when the pump was primed running power directly) I then used a voltmeter and ecu pinouts to determine that the ecu was not getting power from the two black/yellow wires that power the unit. I then jumped that same accessory socket to those inputs, then I get a check engine light. I got rid of that engine harness splice since now I determined something is preventing the ecu from getting power. At this point I wanted to figure out where the power stops going to the ecu. The engine ecu fuse gets power across it, even swapped in the 02 under hood fuse box since it had a smaller fuse( yes I tried just swapping in the smaller fuse and no start). The reason I kept the engine compartment harness (fuse box to fuse box and lower dash) is because all of those connectors were common. Looking into it further I think maybe one or two wires are present on the 02 clips and no on the 06. My next move is to swap that in when I have more time.

Does anyone have any ideas why my ECU wouldn't be getting any power, even when I'm getting power across that fuse? Any help at all would be great, as I really have exhausted all that I think would work. Worst case is also swap in the floor harness, but the whole fuel system is different so that would also need to be swapped. I have numerous pictures of the project that I'll be posting as well.
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Have you figured out the solution? I've done an auto to manual conversion as well but with the 02 base. I also ran into the fuel wiring issue and was able to custom a connector to get it to work.

Regarding your ecu power, not sure, that would take serious troubleshooting with multimeter and such. Do you think swapping the floor harness would help you? I think it's possible since wiring is the biggest difference between 02-04 and 05-06.

You've got quite a project on your hands, you'll get it up though.
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