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Newbie NOS Question

I have a base auto/sportshift rsx and i'd like some more power. I only race occasionally but i would like more power for day to day driving, is it worth it? Here are some questions

1. What kit should i get and how much HP should i gain by doing this
2. Has anyone had any problems with it. I don't want to have to deal with any problems
3. Do gas mileage #'s go to shit.
4. Do i have to use higher octane gas if its a wet system.
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lol if you want more power for day to day driving nitrous is definitely not the way to go. you would go through tons of bottles really fast and thats not cheap at ~30$ a refill. plus your engine wouldnt handle it if you were to run that shit all day long. if you want more power all the time and not just when your gonna race someone or take it down the strip, youve either got to wait for a turbo or sc to come out, or do some bolt ons and port&polish, lsd , etc... shit like that
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hah, if u want more power for day to day driving, sell your rsx and buy a v8 camaro for about the same price.
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